Our Mission

Our Mission

freedom2b’s mission is:

To save lives, prevent harm and empower LGBTI people from Christian backgrounds through reconciliation of their sexuality and/or gender identity, and their faith.

Our Strategies

  • Provide direct support to individuals who are suffering because they are experiencing conflict between their faith, and their sexuality and/or gender identity.
  • Grow our network of freedom2b chapters so that we can link individuals to support.
  • Educate and inform individuals, groups and churches about the need and means to end suffering of individuals experiencing a conflict between their faith and their sexuality and/or gender identity.
  • Ensure that freedom2b is a vibrant organisation and is fully capable and resourced to assist in ending unnecessary suffering.


  1. freedom2b is a safe place. That means you are welcome and we will do all we can to respect your rights which, if you choose, include your anonymity. Our website, online forum and meetings are free of a sexual agenda. (ie cruise free zones)
  2. freedom2b is non judgmental. We make no judgment about the way you live your life or express your sexual orientation. You are responsible to live your life in ways that demonstrate respect to yourself and others.
  3. freedom2b has no agenda. It is not our intention to get people to leave churches or go back to them or tell them what they should believe. That is your decision and journey. Our only intention is to provide a space for people to grow and resolve any issues they may have about their sexuality and/or their beliefs. Once again the choices are yours.
  4. freedom2b is a place of integrity. To maintain a powerful voice that has credibility we seek to maintain a high standard of integrity in all we do and say. freedom2b leaders follow guidelines that ensure our integrity is evident.