Support Our Work

Support Our Work

Any donation, no matter how small, all adds up to make a difference. Whatever your gifts, skills, experience or resources, there is something you can do to give back and help our organisation grow. If freedom2b has helped you then please consider whether there is some way you can give back.


At freedom2b we can always use more help either at chapter meetings, at our various other activities, or behind the scenes. You might even have an idea we’ve never thought of. Please get in touch using the contact form if you’re interested.

Financial Support

More money means we can do more in more places. Our income is used to support our website and forum, to advertise freedom2b so more people hear about us, to pay for facility hire, for leadership training, and for special events.

You can help us achieve more by making regular automatic weekly, monthly or one-off donations directly into the freedom2b account. This can be done as follows:

1. Credit card or direct debit payments (once off or monthly) can be made through our account with

2. Direct debit is available with the following details:

  • Account: Freedom to be
  • BSB No: 112-879
  • Account: 464521971

3. Cash donations can be made at our chapter meetings.

4. Support freedom2b in your will: Click here to download an information page