a life of a transsexual

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January 15, 2008, 21:15

Hi Maggsdee

yes with transsexuals they hate been called transgender hehehe.

i hope we do here from other transsexuals.

🙄 😀

Anthony Venn-Brown
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January 15, 2008, 23:18

thanks for the lesson leece…..that was good. I guess i could have looked it all up on Wikipedia myself…..and i’m really more knowledgeable these days anyway…..but your descriptions are good to have on the forum.

that was facsinating about Stealth…….I saw the movie with that lady from Desparate housewives and that was the first time i’d heard the term……never thought to look it up.

Tell me…….how do you feel when someone uses the term trannie. I guess it is possibly me as a gay man being called a poofta or faggot. It really depends who is using it and in what context. Friends can use that term jokingly or affectionately with me……..but no one else.

BTW…..I love that quote

Heterosexuality is not normal just more common. We are all normal.

Must remember that one.

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January 16, 2008, 08:47

Hi Anthony

Yes I did try to explain stealth in my words but I do have trouble some times explaining some things so I went looking for a better expiation and wikipadia had a very good one.

The term trannie most transsexuals don’t like the word but if some one calls me it ,it dose not bother me .

It’s the word freak that I don’t like been called unless like your self its in fun and by a friend.

I also hate it when mostly guys will some times call you him just to get a rise out of you.

I just pretend I did not here it.

at work i have told the guys they can call me a bitch if they like and that works very well. you have to try to make the guys feel at eas and that i am not going to take them to court for saying the wrong thing. you have to be fexable there . it works well.

In the hospitals in perth the doctors and staff keep calling you him or he or MR and all that.

It has happen to many transsexuals pre or post op.

One transsexual that was in the syke ward of a hospital was made to shower with the guys and boy did she get hell.

The medical staff just don’t care about us .

All the skye ward wanted to do was get her out of there hospital after one day with no new drugs ,no syke had talked to her nothing .

She also had no wear to live but they did not care.

In WA we have a group government funded that you go to if you have a complaint about hospitals or there treatment.

This complaints group is run buy a lesbian who I know and when we contacted her she went straight to that hospital and had the staff not knowing what had hit them.,

There was a sudden change in there attitude and they could not do enough for her .

With in a few months others had been in the same hospital and things had gorn bad again.

This happens in all perth hospitals.

Mental illness is very big in the transsexual communities I would say most would be on some sort of antidepressants’. I would not be surprised if it was in the 80% range.

Suicide states are kept buy a Australian suicide group that the Australian government use for stats.

They do not keep any stats on transsexuals.

Now I joined this group a few yrs ago but they were not interested in even knowing we existed. I wrote a few emails but would never get a reply.

I payed around $60 to be a member.

Its things like this that get me angry.

There was a shops in perth I have only herd of that would refuse you entry it was a second hand clothes shop .

The casino in perth 2 twice refused to let me in many years ago. They would make up some excuse for not letting you in.

I remember telling them the 3rd time I was a friend of Louise Pratt who was then in the state upper house and I showed them her card . I never had a problem after that . Louise is now in federal parliament upper house I believe. she is openly lesbian and has done so much for the trans community in WA.

Here birthday party’s were the best I had ever been to.

Louise has been pushing the state attorney general to change the laws in WA and it looks like it may happen soon.

WA is the only state that has no laws for pre op transsexuals or transgender people.

you can not get any emergency accomidation for transsexuals in refugese in WA. so the street is it.

This was suppose to be a short reply hehehehe.

Have a great day


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January 16, 2008, 08:50

i just relised i forgot to say the transexual that had to shower with guys had not had surgery but that is still no excuse.


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January 16, 2008, 09:16

So excuse my blondness wink but what is the difference between transexual and transgender??? is transexual once the operation has been done? I noticed you made a reference to it in your last post.

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January 16, 2008, 09:47

Hi Maggs

well transsexual is one who wants to live full time as the other sex.

some of us that can aford surgery will have surgery to me there was no way out i had to get rid of that thing between my legs.

no anthony no need to cross your legs when reading this.

thats what my boss did when he seen photos of the surgery hehehe.

some transsexuals that live there life as the other sex cant aford surgery or for medical reasons cant have surgery.

transgender covers all of us including crossdresser but we dont like the word transgender as we are the only ones that need to live full time in the other sex.

crosdressers only do part time.

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January 16, 2008, 10:16

sorry mags i relised in did not read your e mail right.

transsexual is a person that is born in the wrong body and needs to change there body to to match there mind.

after surgey we can still be called transsexual but realy we are then leagaly female in the eyes of the law.

some will get up set been called transsexual after surgery some off us dont care.i often call my self either female or transsexual female.


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January 16, 2008, 10:36

Thanks Leece for that D ………When I speak of a transsexual lady I always refer to her as her but as you expressed earlier some of the time I tell the people I speak with that “she is a transsexual” just to clarify things. From what you have said previously, it might just be important to know for whatever reason.

So do you think its healthy that some of the women go into complete denial about who they were? I dont mean that one has to dwell on it or replay it in there mind twice a week as a therapy 8) I mean in a sense that, say for eg. I know I slept with some guys once upon a time and lived a bit of a dbl life but now I am open as a lesbian woman but I dont have any odd feeling about refering to my past heterosexuality (or attempt thereof).

I just think its important to acknowledge certain things about oneself when the occassion arises without shame or discomfort (if that is possible) so to be a healthier holistic me, it doesnt mean you dwell on it and replay whatever over and over again, just that “sure that is where I was but I am so happy with where I am now, all that is in the history channel to only be referenced” kind of thinking. I think its a kind of resolution of things that I am getting at, where one door has closed but another has opened and ocassionally one can look back into the peep hole when needed. what do you think? (firstly have i made any sense lol )

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January 16, 2008, 10:58

Thanks for the websites. I did find the tsroadmap site already and it was quite good for showing the path of transmission. For my assignment though i am after services in sydney that the transsexual population may need to access such as counselling, refuge etc. With regards to hormone therapy is that done through a local GP or a sepcialist? I noticed that the place where you had your surgery done was in Thailand. Is that the general routine for people to have the operation or does the operations mostly get done in Australia? Another question about your other post about the person who was forced to shower with males, if she were to shower in the smae room as females i am wondering how this would affect the other females who showered there. They would be made to feel as uncomfortable as she did being made to shower with men. How would you suggest they alleviate this embarassment as it seems either room she showered in was going to cause discomfort for someone. As i am a nurse it would be very useful for me to hear your ideas on this matter.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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January 16, 2008, 12:44

I’d be interested to know as well. I will be doing some training the Melbourne School of Sports and Recreation Management as they are organising the Outgames coming up soon. We will be discussing various situations that might arise and what their policies will be.

Not sure if i’ve welcomed you to the forum before clubme…..but if not….good to have you here.

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