Beyond Stereotypes: Christians and Homosexuality

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Ann Maree
Joined in 2008
September 13, 2011, 19:16

Hi Everyone

Here’s the link to a thought provoking article by the Rev Dr Rowland Croucher, our chaplain here at f2b.

It looks at the conservative church’s stance on homosexuality in comparison to other so-called ‘sins’, putting it in a historical context alongside other cultural examples once considered taboo and now accepted by the church, also examining texts against the broader biblical message of social justice.

I found this article very useful because of the sociological view it takes and the application of hermeneutic principles (hermeneutics = a disciplined method/framework for interpreting scripture) in order to seek the truth with as little bias as possible. This approach puts things in a better perspective for me, also including the social justice message and practical application of same that we can lose sight of when only focusing on finding proof in the biblical texts.

This is now included in our resources section under Bible verses.

I’m interested in others’ comments and thoughts.


Ann Maree

Chapter Leader
Joined in 2008
September 13, 2011, 23:23

Thanks, Ann Maree – good stuff .. .. .. as is anything written by our dear Roland.

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