Conducta Impropria: A documentary about the Cuban government's oppression of homosexuals

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August 14, 2010, 14:59

My friends,

Today is a special day. It is not a day of celebration, but of remembrance. Not a day of joy, but of somber meditation.

Today is the anniversary of my cousin Luis’s death at the hands of the Communist government of my motherland. He was a member of an underground church, and when the “police” discovered him and his brethren in the middle of a service, he was sent to La Cabana, a fort turned military prison under Che Guevara and was murdered.

He was only one of the countless souls tortured and killed in the name of preserving Castro’s blood-soaked throne.

But it was not simply the religious, or the colored or the capitalists or the intelligentsia who suffered. No.

Castro and Guevara also brutally hunted down, enslaved, and butchered homosexuals, just like the Stalin before them.

So in remembrance of all those who died in the name of “the revolution”, I offer this documentary (subtitled in English for your convenience) .

This is “Conducta Impropria”.

Communist oppression of homosexuals

Ann Maree
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August 14, 2010, 16:57

Hi Raul

Thanks for posting this. We don’t know how lucky we are here.


Ann Maree

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