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September 7, 2012, 22:34

Hi to all on the forum,

I thought this was appropriate for our members to participate in, if they choose.

Being involved in these kinds of studies can help to improve services for the lgbti community as a whole.

If you would like to participate please see the below contact information 🙂



Dear Freedom2B

I was wondering if you would mind forwarding the upcoming Consumer Consultation to your networks. Input from outside of Sydney will need to be via email.

We are seeking LGBTI consumer views for a consultation on mental health and suicide prevention services.

The Alliance is the national peak health organisation for a range of organisations and individuals from across Australia that work together to improve the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgender, intersex and other sexuality, sex and gender diverse (LGBTI) people and communities. Formed in 2007, the Alliance includes the major providers of specialist community-based services for LGBTI people in Australia, with Members drawn from each State and Territory.

A key area of work for the Alliance is the improvement of mental health and suicide prevention outcomes in LGBTI populations. The Alliance has been funded by the Department of Health and Ageing for a two year project called MindOUT! which has a focus on working with mainstream mental health and suicide prevention organisations to assist them to be more responsive to the needs of LGBTI persons and communities.

We have placed the attached advertisement in some LGBTI magazines, and would appreciate it if you could forward the information below to your network.

Your input is sought to improve mental health services for LGBTI people.

If you have used a mental health service recently, we need your input.

The Alliance is interested in hearing your views on:

– What makes a service LGBTI friendly or unfriendly?

– What services have been helpful and why?

– Do you think services should ask about your sexuality, sex or gender identity?

– What kinds of support do you think mental health services should offer?

There are two ways to participate:

1. Come to a one hour Consultation Meeting on Saturday 15th September 2012 at Level 1, 222 King Street Newtown, at 2pm.

2. Email [email protected] to provide email input by the 15th of September 2012

More information on the MindOUT! project is available online

Kind Regards,

Dr Becky Walker

Project Officer (Policy)

National LGBTI Health Alliance

Ann Maree
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September 8, 2012, 10:26

Thanks Michelle. I've emailed Becky my responses.


Ann Maree

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