My Mardi Gras 2012 Story

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April 18, 2012, 22:13

I know its been a little while now since Mardi Gras this year but it’s the first free time I have had since it was on. (Been very, very busy sorting things out to get our house on the market and only have weekends to do it all).

What a fantastic weekend starting with the Friday night bbq. It was great to meet so many new people that I/we (my hubby and I) had not met before especially our new parent friends from Brisbane and Anthony’s talk was very informative (and funny) as usual. Thank you Anthony.

Saturday was very busy at Sam and Ben’s house. Lots still be finalised. We were literally still making decorations for the float till after lunch and it was a pleasure to be able to help the organising committee with these last minute decorations. (Some of the beautiful butterflies that were on the float have been recycled and are hanging from the ceiling in a friends little girl's bedroom and look just amazing).

The weather was wet and cold…but who cares? It added to the fun. It was quite a bit different this year to last year while we were waiting in Hyde Park in that we were allowed to go out of the park onto the surrounding streets. You got to see a lot more of the other floats and people in (and some out of) the beautiful costumes.

I really loved meeting the Melbourne parents also at the park before we went to Hyde Park and also a lot of other Freedom2b people who I did not know before. We were all “buzzing” with excitement when we finally headed up to Hyde Park.

I felt very emotional and filled with pride to be there once again and my hubby (who was a first time marcher) said he felt so proud not only of our son and Ben, but of everyone there also. He had a great time and enjoyed meeting and chatting to so many new people.

When I was asked to organise the other parents to hold the big pride flag during the march, my eyes just swelled with tears because wow, what an honour to be asked. I am sure the other parents felt the same way and it’s something I will treasure always (that was such a very special moment in my life). I must admit that it was a little tricky to hold the corner of the flag, wave to the multitudes, sing and dance and jump up and down all with pelting rain hitting you but I managed it all the way (lol) and had an absolute blast.

Everyone in the crowd was just so receptive to the Freedom2b group. I think the theme of “all you need is love” was a fantastic message to get out there and the crowd showed us so much love in return. (I am going to wear my T shirt to a conference in Atlanta when we go over in July and ask Sam, Ben and hubby to do the same…it will be cool to all wear them).

Of course, it was over all too soon and went very quickly once again.

Back at the hotel, I was very fortunate to meet more parents from Brisbane who did not march this year but watched the parade. Hopefully they will be with us next year.

Last year, when Phyllis, Mike and myself marched (first time for parents to march) we said that we would pray and ask every year for another set of parents to march with their siblings. Well, this year, we had two…one from Brisbane and one from Melbourne. Our very proud contingent of parents is growing and coming from near and far to join with their siblings which is fantastic. We have Sydney, Grafton, Brisbane and Melbourne so far, so that shows just how much support and love we all have for the Freedom2b family.

The night unfortunately had to come to an end and was over for another year. Can’t wait for 2013.

Mother Hen
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April 19, 2012, 09:31

Hi Helen,

Thanks for sharing your 2012 Mardi Gras experience, it was interesting to read that some things had changed from last year. I'm sooooooo glad they let us walk out of the park and into the streets where others who were marching in the parade were with their floats. That was fun and interesting. So many amazing costumes.

It was fantastic to meet you, hubby and all the other parents, so wonderful that parents are supporting their children in such a public way. It's not for everyone, it's just wonderful if a child feels they have the love and support of their parents.

Best of luck with the move and packing, exciting times but I would also imagine a little daunting, scary and sad to leave a town you have lived in for such a long time. I know God will bless your move and be with you guys wherever you are.

God Bless

Chapter Leader
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April 19, 2012, 12:56

Helen – G'day! Thanks so much for your report, and your ongoing support of our cause. God bless!

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April 19, 2012, 18:27

Hi there – Great to hear more stories (no matter how long has passed !) and also to hear them from parents as well.

Fantastic ! Thanks so much for sharing !

Ann Maree
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April 19, 2012, 22:50

Hi Helen

You have such a lovely way of capturing the event. Thanks for giving your perspective so poignantly..I almost feel like I was there.

And thanks again for your support and that of all the other great parents and friends.

We are blessed indeed. 🙂

Hope the house sale goes well.

All the very best,

Ann Maree

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