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February 25, 2014, 10:08

Hey everyone,

I'm new to the site and stumbled across on a Google search. I have a few questions if that's okay? First of all I'm gay. Is this a problem? I am not promiscuous, I don't go to bars, drink excessively or take drugs. Nothing like that. I recently found God and Jesus and last week I attended a local Church. It is a really modern building with a thriving young congregation, and active services. I loved it! However, I have just found out they are a part of the Assemblies of God. What I see online they are quite a homophobic bunch and I'm afraid that if they find out about my sexuality they will reject me and no one will want to be my friend. What do you think I should do? The nearest affirming church is miles away and my car is a wreck. I don't know if it could cope with the constant travelling. Should I stay at this place and just try to ignore them if they say things that are homophobic? I really want to worship God but my faith is still fragile at this point. I loved the place so I'm wondering wether I should just keep myself to myself and not talk to anyone in case it ends badly. Or if I should give up altogether and just pray alone and read the bible at home.

Thanks everyone for your help. You're doing an amazing job for people like me all over the world. (I am in the UK)

Best wishes,

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February 26, 2014, 13:36

You're wonderful.

I'm so glad you've found Jesus. Don't let our human churches put you off.

I guess if you want to be sure of where the leadership of the church you have found stand, you could send an anonymous email asking their position on someone in your situation. Not all individual pastors and churches follow the party line. That doesn't mean you wouldn't come across homophobia.

I think one of the points of going to church is to have fellowship, so not sure the 'keep to yourself' option is sustainable.

Not being in the UK I can't be more specific.

Mother Hen
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February 26, 2014, 17:47

Hi Tony88, first off welcome and of course you being Gay is not a problem This forum is for you and all the LGBTI community. 🙂

What area do you live? Just wondering if it is possible you could get to a FB meeting sometime. They are in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne. They are very friendly and welcoming.

The church is still a bit of an issue. A lot are more accepting of gay people but not all I'm afraid. A really good person for you to PM is Ben (HillsBen) he going to Hillsong in Sydney and has many conversations with the pastor and has an impact on changing many views. He would be a great person to talk too. Just do a search on this forum for HillsBen and you will find him.

So glad you have found this site. There are many like you who are Christina and Gay and have found places they can fellowship.

God Bless

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February 27, 2014, 09:23

Thank you both for your replies. Sometimes it's just nice to know I am not alone.

I actually am worried I've ruined things before I started. When I was "church shopping", I decided to send an anonymous e-mail to these guys and ask what their stance was. I was told something along the lines of everyone is welcome, but we believe that once people know Jesus they will leave behind behaviours which are un-Christian. My question was basically dodged and I was told to come in and "have a chat". I didn't have the balls so I just turned up and stupidly gave them my e-mail address for a newsletter. I hope they don't put two and two together!

I suppose it's just something I will have to face on my own. If they don't accept me then it's not the end of the world…

Coincidentally, I've been praying about it a lot and then stumbled across a story in another section of the forum which exactly mirrors my situation. Is that the Holy Spirit? Seems like everything turned out ok for the last person so fingers crossed the pastor where I've been attending won't be so strict, either.

I'm sorry for the really long paragraphs. I'm typing this on my phone and it's difficult to write properly. Please be kind to me! Lol.

Best wishes,

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February 28, 2014, 09:07

I believe the holy spirit does guide us, so yes, I'm sure he's involved.

I'm glad you've found some support here.

PFLAG in the UK may be of some help. It's a fairly secular group here, so don't know if it will help find other gay christians, but you never know. It will certainly be supportive.

The gay christian network ( is an american online group, but has UK participants and you can join a regional group that may provide support where you are.

However you are really welcome here.


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