Overcoming fear of future hurts?

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Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
September 12, 2009, 11:12

and gettingthere is not only 17 but lives with his missionary parents in a foreign country….I think its safe to say that isn’t getting there. If not please delete this.

I thought some reading your posts might not realise the additional things you have to deal with.

? I’m trying to figure out what the first comment means and I still can’t work it out. 😛 But it really is me. 🙂 And it’s technically not a foreign country, since I am half-Filipino and I’ve lived here for like 13 – 14 years or so, hehe. 🙂

Silly me..:oops: …what I was trying to say was that I didn’t want to divulge any information you weren’t happy with. I couldn’t remember if you had told the whole story here on the forum. I of course know all the details from our offline conversations.

I thought some people might read and makes assumptions from their own cultural perspective. Many of us have had difficult situations…… some have more than others. I think your situation means you have more ‘stuff’ to deal with than the average kid in a non-ministry home in a western country.

did i do a better job explaining things this time 😆 😆

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