praying for deliverance

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October 19, 2009, 08:25

Hi I thought that I’d like to talk about the times that I have prayed for another Christians deliverance from their ‘homosexual urges’. I think this is the perfect group to ask about it all cos I am sure many have been where I have been.

I grew up thinking I was straight but looking back on it I can see my same sex attraction popped its head up a few times despite my best efforts as well as society’s brainwashing that we are all straight. It did not occur to me that these things meant anything. Besides, who was I gonna tell? I’d seen what my dad thought of ‘poofters’ as he called them.

So when it came to being a Christian, my experience was reaffirmed that being Gay was wrong – I saw Kenneth Copeland on tv preaching to Gays to come and repent of their sin and come to Christ. So yeah it was all there for me to follow and believe. I never really understood it in a way it all seemed so foreign to me but I was taught not to question so that was that.

I was at a friends place with other friends too – we were all Christians and one guy admitted that he was being tempted and so we all prayed for him and prayed for him to be delivered from his homosexual urges and one guy was like casting demons out of the poor guy.

I can remember my wife on another occasion praying with this guy and I was right there and I knew what they were praying about and I supported them and a few months later the guy died in his early 20’s.

There are more episodes but those are the ones that really stick out in my mind. I think I have come to grips with the fact that I was doing the best that I knew with the knowledge that I had at the time. It still makes me sad to think that I have played a part in steering people to do the impossible and to steer them towards confusion, self doubt, self loathing etc. I know that I am not entirely responsible for what they believed and what they chose to do with their lives but I still feel sad about it since I was a part of the chain that pulled them along towards an irreconcilable path.

I would like to know what other members experiences have been in this regard and how they feel about it now and what has helped them to move on.

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October 19, 2009, 12:12

Thanks for bringing this up. I myself have been through these times where you are involved in praying out Homosexuality in people. We knew nothing else so we did what we had been told and what we had seen. I dont beat myself up over it anymore, in fact I have gone back to many of them and shared my story. A few of them now have been set free from all the crap we put into their lives. I rememeber being a Youth pastor and one of our kids shared that he thought he was gay. He shared it with myself and one of my leaders. Well all I knew to do with this was to pray that God take away the urges and fill them with His love. I remmeebr at the time thinking “It hasnt worked for you why are you doing this to someone else”. But I came back with “Its all I know how to do”.

I myself have had many leaders lay hands on me telling me to let the enemy go and let God fill you with his “true” love. Others saying stop letting Satan have all the control and let God take over. Those things are damaging to all of us, have us seeing God in a light that isnt him.

But I know Im free now, free from Christians telling me Im demonic, free from the self talk that I am just weak and full of sin. So I look to God when I think of those times and see that he set me free from all the hurt and pains of the past.

Good topic though man. Im sure others will have more deeper stuff than myself.

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October 19, 2009, 12:40

I don’t remember ever praying for anyone else to be delivered from their homosexual urges. I remember praying that for myself though.

I never told anyone in my church that I was lesbian. I supressed it so deeply within myself that sometimes I even forgot that I was–until the next time it reared up, anyway.

For me, it was a personal, internal struggle, with all the messages of “God can change you,” and “You can be set free from your sin,” bombarding me from the outside, and my own depression anger and disappointment from the inside. I thank God that I didn’t actually commit suicide, although I did think about it from time to time. Having my kids kept me going, I think.

One thing I do recall, is that every time I prayed for God to take my ‘urges’ away, the only answer I ever got was the scripture verse which says:

“Your desire is for what is true in the inner parts: in the secrets of my soul you will give me knowledge of wisdom.” Ps 51:6 (BBE)

I thought at that time, that God was telling me I had to ‘straighten up’ but I’ve since realised that he wanted me to be true to myself.

Great topic, Ant!

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October 19, 2009, 20:21

Have been there and done that myself.

I too was a youth and children’s pastor and encountered young people worried and confided in me about their suspiciosn about themselves being gay. I prayed for guidance but thankfully i never ‘cast the demons’ out of them etc.

I however have had that done to me, numerous times.

It got to the point that i stopped telling pastors/leaders/christians of my challenge.

For me, i believe in repenting of sin removes it cos of Jesus. So i have repented of all i know of that i have done, said etc and i firmly believe i am forgiven.

What damage I have done in the past – I have and do pray for all i have said and done things that may be wrong etc that they will be healed

from damage i have done to them etc

and again I firmly believe God can heal them.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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October 20, 2009, 01:35

we did what we did with the knowledge we had at the time and with the best of intentions.

If I did it today with what I know it would be evil.

I leave it at that.

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October 20, 2009, 07:32

Thanks everyone for your replies – its been good to read. Thank you sman and Magzdragon for saying it was a great topic – I really appreciate you both saying so.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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October 20, 2009, 09:48

sorry my answer was brief……I’m flat out ATM.

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October 20, 2009, 15:18

Deafant I had spent a lot of time feeling bad for what I had done. But I move on and my goal now is to bring as much hope to peoples lives as I can. Your topic is a relevant one because all of us have been through this or heard of this happening. Many of us left churches because of this and sometimes we need to open up and talk it through. By doing that it lets it out and then you can move on to much greater joy.

Keep the topics coming man.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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October 20, 2009, 15:25

the guy in his early 20’s who died….was it a suicide.

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October 20, 2009, 21:42

Hiya avb,

Not to worry abt being flat out I know what its like.

No the guy didnt suicide he had ongoing health probs with his kidney and died from something related to that. The church pastor at that time was kind of implying it was to do with his activities as a gay person by hinting at the wrath of god tho.

So many of us tied the two together and at the time I was convinced that he had died cos of god taking his hand of this man cos of his sin – you know that kind of association.

I wonder if he was affected by all the things the church said to him and that he just gave up the will to live or something like that. I dont know and I dont think about it alot but every now and then I remember and wonder a little and think about him and his life and the lives he touched. As you do when remembering people that have passed away.

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