Wins for Gay marriage in USA election

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November 9, 2012, 19:17

Thanks Ann 😀 indeed, Barack Obama would have my vote if I were an American.

Hey Shadow, in regards to this:

Im not american – so Im happy to stand corrected but I think its worth noting that Mitt had some problems that meant he couldnt always say what HE felt.

There's no denying that potential presidential candidates say different things that they don't personally believe in, in order to gain votes, but I strongly believe Mitt Romney is anti-gay both in his political view AND personal view. He has clearly stated several times he is against gay marriage, and I simply cannot comprehend why ANYONE would say such hurtful comments towards a minority (Furthermore, if you're a minority, why would any presidential candidate insult you if they know they need your vote?). And not just towards the gay community I might add (It's a big reason why everyone loves Obama because he is the EVERYONE man – he is especially for those who feel discriminated against). In a recent poll in fact something like 86% of the people said they didn't vote for Romney because he didn't like and/or support the minorities. Minorities including LGBT people, latino's etc.

I really liked it when Romney got personally owned here (Sick and twisted I know but we all like a bit of karma and justice don’t we?). Romney was sucking up to some guy trying to persuade him to vote for him, when it turned out the guy was a gay veteran. Romney personally insulted him by saying he believes marriage should strictly be between ‘a man and a woman’. The reporters, needless to say, were more than happy to write down exactly how the gay veteran felt about the homophobe after Romney left, ha ha. Here is the clip:

And another video where these awesome political guys discuss politics and this exact video (I'm actually subscribed to them because they're such great debators – they even predicted which states would vote for Obama and Romney and were pretty much right on the money, in fact one guy got the prediction for number of seats spot on):

Seems Romney has flip-flopped over many things. I guess it is why many people don't trust him because we don't actually know who the real Romney is (

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