a fireside chat with the panel: What is Freedom2b when I am… a non-believer or a believer? Who am I?

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Freedom2b is many things for many people.

One of the strengths of Freedom2b is its commitment to neither make you go to church or leave a church.

In many ways it goes much further – we accept that what you believe is quite simply your choice. It is your choice, or I suppose we could use that other commonly used phrase, it is part of your journey or it’s your party.

But coming to terms with our sexuality or our sexual identity is much more than just a question of sexuality or identity. It is never that simple!

We simply don’t go, “Oh, wow! I am Lesbian! or I am gay! or I am bisexual! or I am Transgender! or I am intersex! or I am Queer!

Oh, fabulous, I’ve worked that out, and that’s all there is to it.

It is also about thinking about or struggling with the difficult questions of who am I when it comes to faith and church? What is real? What do I believe anymore? What does the future hold for me?

As any of us will understand, you never just walk away or stay with your Faith and Christianity over a cup of coffee one morning or one dark and stormy night.

This decision is sometimes ongoing!

And this decision is a process that may take weeks, months or even sometimes years. And it is different for each of us.

Come along to our next meeting for Brisbane Freedom2b on the 13th September for a fireside chat with the panel, as we discuss these challenging questions.

Where: 7pm @ Healthy Communities (in the training room through the roller door), 30 Helen Street, Newstead

Join us later about 9pm at Mecca-Bah at the Emporium – 1000 Ann Street, Brisbane.