Freedom2b Brisbane – “Storytime”

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“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Philip Pullman
It’s 2014 and to kick the year off we’ll be doing something a little different at our February meeting of Freedom2b Brisbane.
There are almost 300 stories posted at
Telling our stories helps us connect. …
It helps us learn that there are others like us.
It confirms us when others accept us as we are.
It explains how we have become ourselves.
Hearing stories educates us by providing access to the wisdom that’s not our own.
It makes us more inclusive and less judgemental of the experience of others.
We learn that we are not alone.
Hollywood is currently celebrating its stories with Golden Globes and Oscars and in a similar vein we are celebrating “The Minogues”, an awards ceremony to celebrate our stories and journeys.
It’s story telling time!
We invite you to come and share your 5-10 minute story and listen to the journeys of others in our amazing community.
We will be keeping the tone light and fun where possible and you are very welcome to come and just listen if you’d like to.
When: Friday 14th of February at 7pm – 9pm. Then social time afterwards…..
Where: The training room, ground floor of the healthy community building, 30 Helen St, Teneriffe (Newstead on some maps).
How much: free 🙂