Freedom2b Melbourne -August Meeting

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A Story Of Reconciliation, A Story Of Hope-  Guest Speaker John Rutten

Event Date: Friday, August 17th 2012 – 7.30pm

Event Location: Victorian AIDS Council Building, 6 Claremont Street, South Yarra

 Being an LGBTI Christian today can be a challenging situation that seems to get in the way of our relationship with God. This can often lead us to feelings of guilt and shame or even anger and depression. It can even impact on our relationship with our family, friends and church.

Reconciling our relationship with God allows us to leave all this behind, come back to our own personal liberty, get on with our life and improve those relationships with the family, friends and church we love.

Join us at Freedom2b Melbourne in August as we welcome along guest speaker John Rutten who will share his story of reconciliation, and how knowing God and really understanding sin helped him rebuild a greater relationship foremost with God, but also with those around him.

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