Freedom2b Perth – August Meeting – The Closet Hokey Pokey

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With recent progress for equality being made overseas, society is becoming more and more affirming when someone decides to come out as LGBTIQ. There is growing belief that as more gay and lesbian people decide to come out, opposition against them becomes less acceptable.

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However, for some even the thought of coming out causes them serious discomfort and in some cases outright dread.

Those who have yet to take that step face a series of difficult choices. Should I come out at work; to family or friends and for some even coming out to friends at church?

At this meeting, we’ll be talking with those who have been through the process of revealing their orientation to those closest to them. As well as giving those who have some uncertainty about coming out on any of those levels.

Have the recent changes to marriage in other countries around the world given you any impetus to consider coming out to someone you previous wouldn’t have thought of?

What are some of the things that you feel are stopping you?

What would have to change for you to consider coming out?

These and a range of other questions will be considered.

We will go downstairs to the DOME Cafe after the meeting for Coffee, or meals and chat from 9pm. So even if you can’t make the meeting please feel free to join us for coffee there.

For further information please contact Graham via eMail: [email protected]
or call Graham on: 0405 285 233 or Bev on: 0407 778 201.

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Remember to invite friends and family who you think may find this film interesting.

The Northbridge Piazza community Centre is located on the Corner of James and Lake Streets Northbridge.