Freedom2b Perth: Special Event: Book Launch: “You Shall Walk In The Dark Places”

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A Special Event for the Perth Chapter of Freedom2b.

It’s not everyday that a chapter leader releases their story to the world.

This evening is the official launch of “You Shall Walk In The Dark Places” the story of Perth Leader Graham Douglas-Meyer.

The book is about his life journey and his faith journey and the struggle to resolve the issues between being both an active Christian and Also being Gay.Dark Places

Graham has spent the last 4 years writing this book often having to relive the experiences, once again, as he relates them through its pages.

The book provides a focus for the conversation that needs to happen between the church and those members of the church that are also GLBTI.

Graham hopes that through reading his story some of those who are at a much earlier stage in their journey will get inspiration and the courage to know that there is hope and that it is all worth hanging in there.


Hopefully, it will also provide a resource for counsellors and psychologists when counselling GLBTI people with a faith or Faith background, who find it difficult to broach that aspect of the spiritual that their training doesn’t prepare them for someone who is not prepared to just walk away from something that is an integral part of who they are.

This book is also written to provide parents, friends and family the opportunity to understand what their friend, or family member may be going through as they try to resolve who they are with who they have been told they have to be.

looking at questions like:

What is it like to be a Gay Christian?

What is it like to be a Gay Christian in the Church?


What is it like to be a Gay Christian in the GLBTI community?

Graham will read excerpts from his book as well as speak to the issues arising. He will also take questions.

Copies of the book will be on sale on the night. Hardcover only available ($34.95)


For further information please contact Graham via eMail: [email protected]
or call Graham on: 0405 285 233 or Bev on: 0407 778 201.

For further updates join us on our Facebook page:

Remember to invite friends and family who you think would benefit from this discussion.


We will go to “U&I 24hr Pho restaurant” for Coffee and chat after the film. U&I is located on the corner of Francis and William St in Northbridge.

Even if you can’t make the meeting itself please feel free to join us for coffee.

The Northbridge Piazza community Centre is located on the Corner of James and Lake Streets Northbridge.