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Is there a niggling question on your mind that you’ve always wanted an answer to? It can be about any topic at all. Coming up at the next Freedom 2 b[e] meeting in Sydney we present Freedom 2 b[e] Unplugged, a night where attendees get to ask our panel of special guests a question they may have always wanted an answer to.

Many LGBT people who come from Christian backgrounds are often unsure about accepting their sexuality. They are fearful of alienating family members, long-time friends or even their church by embracing who they are. Our hope is that Freedom 2 b[e] Unplugged will present a forum where they can find an answer to their difficult questions. (Click ‘read more’ to see our special guest panelists).

The freedom2b Unplugged Panel will welcome the following special guests:

Karl Hand

Currently the pastor of Crave MCC at Paddington, Karl has a PhD from Charles Sturt University and is also a Philosophy student at the Univserity Of Sydney. He supports and has lead many rallies for equal marriage rights for LGBT people.

Phyllis Gresham

A graduate of the University Of New England, Phyllis is the proud mum of long-time Freedom 2 b[e] Youth leader Ben Gresham. She has been an amazing support to other parents of LGBT youth and joined Freedom 2 b[e] in this years Mardi Gras.

Bibs Sowe

At age 17, Bibs found himself working in pastoral and leadership roles in West Africa, gaining recognition from Christian organisations from around the world. He spoke at our meeting last October where he shared his story and gave us some insight he gained from his PhD studies of psychological damage encountered by sexual minorities from Christian backgrounds. Bibs has also recently returned from the UK where he presented his research on Sexuality and Religion at the World Congress for Sexual Health 2011.

Lesley Wright

Originally a Kiwi now based in Sydney, Lesley is completing a PhD in Gender and Sexuality. She lives by Veidic philosophy and is a yoga practitioner. She has been with her partner for nearly four years. Her partner comes from a Christian background and Lesley marched in support of her with the Freedom 2 b[e] group at this year’s Mardi Gras.

For those who feel a little uncomfortable asking your question in front of a group of people, please feel free to post it online. There is a thread on the forum where you can submit it before the night. Here is the link:

WHEN: Friday, August 5th 2011
TIME: 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start
WHERE: NEW ACON Building, 414 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills

Click here for the map:

After our formal meeting you are welcome to join us for a drink or dinner at the nearby Royal Exhibition Hotel. STAY AS LITTLE OR AS LONG AS YOU LIKE.

Sure to be a great night of interesting discussion with quality people. GUESTS WELCOME

For more information, please contact 0409243009 or email [email protected]