May Sydney Meeting – What’s All This About The Clobber Verses?

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There are about 31,000 verses in the Bible.

Those Christians who oppose homosexuality primarily rely on just 6 verses for their argument – commonly known to LGBTI Christians as “the Clobber Verses”.

However, there is a small – but growing – number of pastors and theologians from conservative/evangelical backgrounds who are questioning the traditional interpretations of these verses.

Dr Ross Cole is a theologian and lecturer with a conservative denomination. Ross takes the Bible seriously, but his conclusions are not always traditional.

For our May meeting, Ross will unpack the ‘Clobber Verses’ and show us the new scholarship on understanding what these verses say.

Come and find out that some theology can be exciting and inspiring.

WHEN: Friday, May 4th 2012
TIME: 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start
WHERE: ACON Building, 414 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills

Click here for the map:,+Sydney,+New+South+Wales&hl=en&sll=-25.335448,135.745076&sspn=62.298758,114.169922&z=17

After the talk you are welcome to join us for a drink or dinner at the nearby Royal Exhibition Hotel. STAY AS LITTLE OR AS LONG AS YOU LIKE. GUESTS WELCOME

For more information, please contact 0409243009 or email [email protected]