Support Policy

Support Policy

freedom2b is primarily a peer-support service. freedom2b does not provide professional support services. Nonetheless, we play a significant role in supporting people at risk, including by referring people to the support they need.

Implicit or explicit comments about self-harm

freedom2b takes all implicit or explicit comment about intention to self-harm seriously. Any participant hearing such comments is asked to share these with a freedom2b leader. Leaders hearing these comments first-hand should share them with another Leader; if the way to respond to these comments is not obvious, the leader should contact freedom2b’s Honorary Psychologist.


All freedom2b leaders are required to keep participant personal information confidential. Confidentiality will be upheld at all times except in cases where:

  • participant makes an explicit or implicit comment suggesting intention to self-harm
  • a participant makes specific threats to harm third parties
  • a participant is at serious or imminent risk of injury or death by another person
  • where an intervention may be required to ensure a child’s safety
  • there is a legal imperative to provide information
  • it is necessary to discuss matters related to the participant for the purposes of providing the best possible support to the participant, including through supervision processes or to ensure the safety and well-being of leaders.

Wherever possible freedom2b will advise participants of the above limits of confidentiality.


freedom2b will only disclose personal information to others outside freedom2b if:

  • The participant gives consent (whether express or implied)
  • One of the exceptions under the National Privacy Principles apply which include but are not limited to uses or disclosures required by law, and those disclosures necessary to prevent or lessen a serious or imminent threat to someone’s life, health or safety.

Training for leaders

Leaders will be supported to undertake training in suicide prevention such as the Wesley Mission’s Lifeforce training program.

Meeting participants

Where a freedom2b leader needs to meet a participant for the first time for one-on-one discussion or for a discussion which is for the purposes of support, the leader will ensure that participants are met in (a) public spaces such as cafes or (b) at appropriate rooms such as those provided by LGBT community service providers.