Sexuality & Gender

Sexuality & Gender Identity

Sexuality & Gender At freedom2b we don’t believe heterosexual people are the only ones who are ‘normal’. While there is a huge swath of information online about sexual orientation and gender identity in general, we have picked out a few resources from some publications and well known international authorities.

  • American Psychological Association –
    The American Psychological Association de-listed homosexuality from its list of disorders over 35 years ago, realising that the stigma associated with the orientation was based more on prejudice than science.
  • American Psychiatric Association –
    The American Psychiatric Association also de-listed homosexuality from its list of disorders almost 40 years ago, and opposes any form of treatment that assumes patients should seek to change their orientation.
  • What Makes People Gay? –
    An in-depth article by Neil Swidey at The Boston Globe, exploring research done in the last few years on the roles that both upbringing and biology have in determining sexual orientation.
  • Born Gay? –
    The Nature vs. Nurture debate on sexuality is featured on, with detailed arguments from all sides of the debate, plus other related issues such as religion, law, and homophobia.
  • Sexual Orientation: Science, Education & Policy –
    A site run by Dr. Gregory Herek, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, featuring a wealth of information on biology and mental issues surrounding LGBTI people. Dr Herek has been called as witness in major discrimination cases, such as those allowing same-sex marriage in several American states.

LGBTI Organisations

Australia is home to a number of organisations in all states and territories that cater for LGBTI people. These offer a collection of services that can range from social gatherings to workshops and counselling services. Note that most AIDS councils now focus on much broader issues than their names might imply, and offer a wide range of LGBTI services.

  • Coming Out Australia –
    With workshops in Melbourne and a website made for the whole country, Coming Out Australia is a great online destination for those looking for information on both the closet, and exiting it.
  • ACT: AIDS Action Council of the ACT –
    The AIDS Action council contains support and information for LGBTI people living in and around Canberra, on top of the health and wellbeing services.
  • NSW: AIDS Council of NSW –
    ACON is the largest LGBTI health & support organisation in NSW (and the country). They offer a range of services from mental and sexual health to community care and housing. They also host freedom2b’s monthly meetings in Sydney!
  • NSW: Twenty10 –
    Twenty10 is a place where LGBTI youth (under 26) can feel safe and be themselves. They have regular social gatherings, workshops, and plenty of information for young people and parents alike.
  • NT: Northern Territory AIDS & Hepatitis Council –
    The NTAHC focuses largely on the prevention of blood borne diseases, but also offers other LGBTI services such as education and raising awareness of transgender issues.
  • QLD: Queensland Association for Healthy Communities –
    QAHC is a health & support organisation for LGBTI people in Queensland. Originally the AIDS council of Queensland, they have renamed to better reflect their wider role in supporting the community. They also host freedom2b’s monthly meetings in Brisbane!
  • SA: AIDS Council of South Australia –
    The ACSA offers all kinds of support for LGBTI people in South Australia, from mental and physical wellbeing to accommodation support and an infoline.
  • VIC: Victorian AIDS Council –
    VicAIDS and Gay Men’s Health Centre offer support and health services for gay men in Victoria, with a big focus on HIV/AIDS in particular. They also host freedom2b’s monthly meetings in Melbourne!
  • VIC: Minus18 –
    Minus18 is a Melbourne-based support network for LGBTI people under 18. They run dance parties, workshops, and run projects – and are all about connecting and empowering young people in a safe space.
  • WA: Gay & Lesbian Community Services –
    GLCS serves LGBTI people in Western Australia. It offers counselling, training and workshop courses, as well as links with other local groups.
  • WA: The Freedom Centre –
    Managed by the WA AIDS Council, the Freedom Centre is a peer support group run for LGBTI youth under 26. They provide support for sexual and mental health.