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August 23, 2015, 10:14


Life in the coldest of moment’s time. The inner actions of a broken down clock. The chime strikes a bell. Can a life be repaired? In the making of reaching a final open creation for inner deep hope. The strength from the Human design model. The reality from what is to be in the ‘Now of the Human thinking Mind. Into the mist of directed peace creative dynamic centred Peace. To be the vivid core of the Human Brain healing condition. The like of being strongly connected into diversity light links of a random Life. You are the creator of your own destiny Light. So people must now take the plunge into new wave magnetic design. I am what I am. In the Life force of Good structure Health well being. To be in the ratio manner of a correlated standard mind line. Breath a Breath of life motion sense. Pick up yourself. To heal your natural one self. The supreme of your direction open unity heart light sign. You have now entered the healing stage of beginning in a start of a New Life Now Peace. Be in what you can imagine. From the settled down sub –conscious mind. The Action is only you. To take the spot of reaching the clue, of Mindfulness’ ‘Now works for ‘you. In the con cave rate of being what creation you have reached. For your potential life matter success. New wing ‘Goal story answer ‘Light.

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