100 Revs list from March 08

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December 10, 2009, 20:16

For people looking to go to a church, a few of us were saying that the people from 100 Revs are are good place to start.


if people are interested in helping as well, I’d like to sort out where and who these clergymen are. This is the list of 100 (I think there are a few more besides after MardiGras 2008).

I’ll will colour code them according to States as well…



New South Wales

(state of origin colours? =grin=)


South Australia

Western Australia


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The 100 Revs

As promised, here is the list of ministers, pastors, and reverends that have affirmed the 100Revs statement. We have made 100! But don’t let that stop you from signing up. If you are able to affirm the statement, please add you name by emailing [email protected].

Grace and Peace


Brother Andrew Blair – Ecumenical Franciscan Order

Brother Jon Owen

Captain Janet Staines

Captain Phil Staines

Dr Les Fussell

Father Bill G

Father Dave Smith

Father Iain Radvan s.j

Father Tony Joseph Newman

Pastor Adam Smits

Pastor Andrew Park

Pastor Anthea Smits

Pastor Cameron Burgess

Pastor David Ayliffe – (Anglican?) Boronia, Outer Melbourne

Pastor Digby Hannah

Pastor Doug Faircloth

Pastor Graeme Frauenfelder

Pastor Jarrod McKenna

Pastor John Bond

Pastor Joseph Thomas-Kerr

Pastor Julie Brackenreg

Pastor Michael Hercock – Hope St. Baptist Mission, Surry Hills

Pastor Mike Hardy

Pastor Neal Taylor

Pastor Neil Jansons

Pastor Penny Davis – MCC Crave, Paddington

Pastor Randy Edwards

Pastor Rick Lewis

Pastor Rick Viede

Pastor Robert Clark

Pastor Tony Crossett

Pastor Tracey Wright

Pastor Wayne Jeffrey

Rev Andrew Collis

Rev Andrew Woff

Rev Andy Collins

Rev Ann Lock

Rev Anne Mallaby

Rev Anne Wilkinson-Hayes

Rev Anthony McCarthy

Rev Barrie Sutton

Rev Beryl Turner

Rev Bill Lawton – formerly St. John’s Darlinghurst Anglican, Sydney & Mission Australia.

Rev Blair Cameron

Rev Brent Lyons Lee

Rev Bryan McClelland – (soon to be former) Hope St. Baptist, Woolloomooloo.

Rev Carolyn J. Francis

Rev Chris Bedding

Rev Clive Norton – (Anglican) author? chnorton bigpond, Chatswood

Rev Clive Watkins

Rev Daryl Gardiner

Rev Don Wright – Leichhardt Community Church, Lord & Foster St. 7pm

Rev Dr Christopher Page

Rev Dr Colin Hunter

Rev Dr Garry J. Deverell – Professor of Worship and Preaching, Uniting Church Theological College, Melbourne University. (former) St. Luke’s Uniting Church, Mount Waverley

Rev Dr Ian Tozer – Joint Associate General Secretary (Pastoral), Uniting Church WA

Rev Dr Jason John

Rev Dr Rowland Croucher – John Mark Ministries, Melbourne

Rev Eileen Ray

Rev Emma Walsh

Rev Francis Chalwell

Rev Gerry Ball

Rev Glen Powell

Rev Graham Long – The Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross

Rev Heather McClelland – (soon to be former) Hope St. Baptist, Woolloomooloo.

Rev Ian Pearson – Pitt Street Uniting, Sydney

Rev Jim Barr

Rev John Connor

Rev Judy Redman

Rev Karl Hand – MCC Crave, Paddington

Rev Kevin D Crinks

Rev Lance Lawton – St. David’s Anglican, Moorabbin

Rev Les Chatwin

Rev Linda Anchell

Rev Linda Young

Rev Mark Dunn – St. John’s Uniting, Essendon

Rev Meewon Yang

Rev Melissa Baker

Rev Nathan Nettleton

Rev Newton Daddow

Rev Nick Jensen

Rev Paul Emerson Teusner

Rev Peter Breen

Rev Peter Holden

Rev Peter Los

Rev Peter Maher

Rev Rainer Schack

Rev Rex Hackett

Rev Richard Mallaby

Rev Robert Holland

Rev Robyn Richardson

Rev Ron Ham

Rev Rowena Curtis

Rev Scott Combridge

Rev Scott Higgins

Rev Simon Moyle

Rev Steve Warren – St Matthew’s Anglican Church Stirling Square, Guildford

Rev Sue Emeleus

Rev Tom Pardy

Sister Meg Britton – Reformed Order of St Benedict, St Flora Reformed Catholic Mission.

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December 10, 2009, 20:17

This is cross-posted from GCN. I also feel like giving them all a letter of thanks.

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December 11, 2009, 23:11

There is also Rev. Robyn Richardson who is the chaplain of mission Australia and Pastor Don Wright from Leichhardt baptist church

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