29, very new to the idea of gay being ok

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March 24, 2015, 23:21

Quote from Michelle on March 24, 2015, 2:38 pm

For the first time in ages I offered to 'man' the door at the start of the night to allow others in our team to have a turn facilitating the beginning of our meeting. As a result I feel I should apologise for not connecting with you.

No need to apologise! I felt very welcomed by all who were there, without any doubt – in fact I particularly remember being welcomed as soon as I arrived. I was just so nervous/anxious because it's all so new to me.

Quote from Michelle on March 24, 2015, 2:38 pm

The film that we showed, as I mentioned at the movie conclusion, was one that could have some triggers. Considering your journey, to this point, I am grateful you were able to attend and let us know of your experience.

I actually watched the movie at home a night or two before the meeting, so that I was able to go along with some idea of what to expect. While it did bring back some strong memories, none of it affected me badly.

Quote from Michelle on March 24, 2015, 2:38 pm

I have some free time next week if you want to do a coffee?

That sounds nice 🙂

I guess I'm looking to just bounce ideas and random thoughts around, hopefully to make it all feel a bit more normal, real, and ultimately ok. As I wrote above, it's all pretty new to me. Next week is virtually 100% open for me at this point (annual leave), so if you're happy to, maybe PM me when you'd be free and where?

Quote from mrg on March 24, 2015, 8:25 pm

I'm happy to touch base for a coffee if that's what you'd prefer.

Hi Matt – at the risk of sounding greedy by accepting two catch-up invitations, that would be cool. I'm on annual leave all of next week if any time then works for you.

To all who've replied to me here, and to those who've also PM'd me – thank you again. Really feeling the love.

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March 30, 2015, 15:35

Hi Laser,

Thank for sharing your story. You've demonstrated so much courage already. It is not easy going in to a new group, especially when you go there by yourself. I'm glad you could be at our Melbourne meeting too. I hope we get to see you again.

On my first visit to F2b Melbourne, despite being with friends, I sat on a chair with my legs up close to my body, and my arms wrapped around my legs. Not sure if body language could shout any louder that I was feeling insecure. After the meeting a went and sobbed my eyes out in the toilet. But….I was embraced by this incredible community who took me at a gentle pace. That was over three years ago now.



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April 3, 2015, 13:36

Thanks Gwen 🙂

Since I first posted this thread, a lot has happened.

– I've come out to three friends/colleagues, and had it received really positively.

– The phone counselling has finished up, with my counsellor and I agreeing that things are progressing really well, and another session isn't needed right at the moment.

– I caught up with Michelle, and we had a really good conversation. Michelle also connected me with a member of Ashburton Baptist Church, and I went along to the Good Friday service this morning and had a great chat with him and his partner. It all felt far more normal and like "no big deal" than I ever imagined!

A month ago, I never would have conceived I'd be where I am now on this journey. I'm very grateful to all the people who've helped so far, and to God for revealing more and more the possibilities laid out for my life.

I'll be at the Melbourne meeting on the 17th. Hopefully I'll get to meet some more of you there this time, now that I won't be hiding in the corner (well, not as much haha).

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April 5, 2015, 15:02

Hi there, brave of you to share your story. It will help others. Life will and is getting better. we al have much to unlearn in life, faith and the church are no different. You are heading in the right direction, just be gentle on yourself!

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