a bit of holy ghost dancing

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September 2, 2008, 18:27

Tim, I have also experienced true full on Holy Ghost praise times and tho not often it is unforgetable and its when healing would happen in a big way without even having the need to look for it. Wish it was more often than not.

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September 8, 2008, 19:37

Here’s a youtube link to a “praise break” at a recent Sunday night service at my former church in LA, West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

It doesn’t even begin to capture how it feels to be in the room… And I sure wish the video included what happened to trigger it, because at West A rejoicing typically breaks out in response to something that’s said, rather than an up-tempo song that tries to “get the people going.” (The saints there are too seasoned for such blatant manipulation.)

I was there not long ago for a Sunday AM service, which included the testimony of a reformed cocaine addict who is soon to graduate seminary. “If you don’t think God can do anything,” she said, “look at me. He took a crack addict in the alley and turned her into a Doctor of Divinity!” The church exploded; the dancing and shouting went on for a good five minutes. Then the pastor, Bishop Charles Blake, called an impromptu altar service for anyone struggling with addiction. A good two or three hundred folks flooded the altar. (Yes, magsdee, high praise often brings down healing and deliverance!)

After he and the other pastors finished ministering to them, he asked them to turn to the congregation. “Remember these faces,” he said, “because when God completes the work He’s started here, many of them will be your leaders and teachers and pastors. He doesn’t deliver us to set us aside. He frees us to do great things!” A second praise break erupted. Being Sunday morning, we were worshiping in the main sanctuary, not the smaller one in this video. And I’d estimate at least two-thirds of the 5,000 or so there danced in the Spirit like it was their last chance.

Here’s the link:

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September 11, 2008, 16:45

Wow, Tim! I had tears in my eyes and was thinking “I want to go home!” That lady at the back in the white suit, with the tambourine! What joy!

Thanks for sharing that. It made me homesick and I have never even been there. 😆

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September 15, 2008, 16:59

Magz–this one’s for you!

I just found this praise break from the “big church”–evidently it’s during a recording session or special videotaping, which explains the TV lights and bunting on the stage. The lead singer is our Minister of Music, Judy McAllister. From what I can tell this was shot at least 3-4 years ago, because a very dear friend who’s since gone to be with the Lord is still singing in the choir. It brought tears to MY eyes and made me want to pick up and move back to LA (a truly foul place to live), just so I could “go home!”

And now I solemnly promise to quit posting praise-break links! Enjoy!

Also, if you’re interested, you can catch their webcasts on Sunday at 8 and 11 AM GMT-7 (GMT-8 when the States reverts to Standard Time in a few weeks):

The rejoicing at West A is nothing compared to Bishop Blake’s agility and power in the Word!

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September 17, 2008, 23:56

That was great, Tim!


Anthony Venn-Brown
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September 26, 2008, 23:28

never heard that term before Tim…..praise break…..what I’d like to know is how could you sit still during that time.

When I used to organise church study tours to the US……I always made sure I included a visit to an African American church….for obvious reasons.

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