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August 31, 2014, 12:35

Please come to along to our Kinship/Freedom2b/GCN meeting in Brisbane October 3-5. (Labour day weekend for Brisbane and New South Wales)

MCC Church, Brisbane.

Cowlishaw House,37 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane


Friday evening 7:30pm:- "Sharing our stories"

Saturday 9:30am all day-


Dr Wendell Rosevear: two talks "Freedom to be Me" and

"Freedom to Love". Wendell runs Stonewall Clinic in Brisbane. He has a wealth of experience to share.

Ben Cossalter "Identity and self esteem". Ben is from GCN Brisbane and is a science teacher.

David Coltheart "Gay and still Christian – a gay pastors perspective". David is currently an associate pastor at MCC Brisbane and was previously an evangelist.

Saturday evening: "Seventh Gay Adventists" movie and discussion. It was after seeing this movie that the pastor at MCC offered their facilities.

We are inviting our friends from GCN and Freedom 2b to share with us. Please encourage others to come along.

Lunch will be at the church facility. Having haystacks – in keeping with the movie!

We will have a shared evening meal before the movie and an update on where the church is currently at on GBTB issues. Bring something to share.

Sunday – a social get together.

For more information Contact John Wallace 🙂

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