A Different Conversation Conference - Sydney // 27 Feb - 1 March 2014

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February 25, 2014, 09:06

Hey all,

The conference 'A Different Conversation' is being held again in Sydney this year from Thursday 27 Feb – Sat 1 March. It's a conference focused on engaging with straight Christian leaders in dialogue about LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans & Intersex) people in churches and Christian environments.

There are some great speakers this year such as Rodney Croome (LGBTI Activist), Stuart Edser (Psychologist and Author), Louisa Wall (New Zealand Member for Parliament), Mike Hercock and familiar faces to freedom2b such as Rowland Croucher, Matt Glover and Anthony Venn-Brown. There are also some conservative Christians speaking such as Lyle Shelton (Australian Christian Lobby) and someone from Liberty Christian Ministries. That should be interesting!

If you want more information or would like to register go to:

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March 1, 2014, 18:14

Could we have some sort of feedback on how this went?

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March 23, 2014, 21:05

Here ya go!

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