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January 22, 2013, 20:33

Hi all,

I came across this article today and thought I'd share. I really like what Steph says about "respecting each other in our difference".

Steph says in this article that when it comes to coming out there's no right or wrong. – I find that helpful to be reminded of.

Steph is the person behind "women say something" – I've been to two of the panel events, with a third coming upn a few weeks. A fabulous forum for women – with a strong focus on GLBTIQ issues – yet not exclusively so. If there are any Sydney siders interested – you may want to check it out – you'll see some details in the article.

Let me know what you think of this piece by Steph.



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January 22, 2013, 21:09

I think it was great that Jodie came out, atleast, I think it was her official coming out? I'm not quite sure what to make of it all. I wish she would have said those three words that LGBTIQ individuals so desperately wanted (and even needed) to hear though:

"Yes, I'm gay."

To me it was sort of like dodging the most feared three words for LGBTIQ people to say, and to me, that was disappointing. Regardless, the more coming out's there are, the better, so I'll take it.

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January 22, 2013, 21:49

Hey Jordan

Good to hear your thoughts on the article. I have to say though I disagree in that I didn’t feel that I needed Jodie Foster to say “those words”. I think that’s what Steph was saying in her article – that everyone’s story and journey is different – and let’s respect those differences. For some people saying the words “I’m gay” may not be fearful – for others they might be. Jodie Foster spoke of her need for privacy and of the way she’s been in the public eye since she was young. I respect that and in a way I think that her speech – (and indeed it was a coming out speech) – was all the more powerful for not giving the voyeuristic public and media hacks what they wanted. She spoke of having come out to the people closest to her some years ago. She isn’t seeking to be a poster girl for the GLBTIQ community and nor should she have to be – any more than you or I.

Anyway, it’s good to have the discussion – just thought I’d add my perspective to the mix.



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