Australian Family First Party's anti-gay anger on display...

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August 9, 2010, 13:19

Family First’s anti-gay anger

Local News, By Matt Akersten, 9th August, 2010

A Family First party candidate has likened gay marriage to “legalising child abuse,” in a mad twitter rant which could end her political career.

Wendy Francis, the Senate candidate in Queensland whose embarrassing anti-gay views were aired last week in a televised debate with the Australian Sex Party, launched into a tirade against gay marriage on her twitter page yesterday, prompting hundreds of fuming tweeters to challenge her bigoted views.

“Australia would never recover from legalising gay marriage,” she thundered. “Those who advocate this are not thinking of the dramatic consequences.”

Then the slurs began. “Children in homosexual relationships are subject to emotional abuse. Legitimising gay marriages is like legalizing child abuse.

“Gay marriage = kids with no mothers or no fathers, parent-less generation; uncontrollable depression & suicide. Is that the Aust we want?”

A few minutes went by, then Francis continued her slurs, prefacing them with an attempt to note that she wasn’t actually homophobic: “All have a right to be homosexual,” she allowed. “But no right to dictate to mainstream Australia or to change laws to suite their narrow agenda.”

But why is Francis so keen to strike a cruel blow against thousands of Australian gay parents? “Someone has to talk about the issues that affect Australian families and children,” she explained. “The major parties do not. I want to bring balance to senate.”

“You’re a disgusting bigot!”

It didn’t take long for the Family First candidate’s anti-gay comments to be called out by angry members of the ‘mainstream Australia’ Francis assures us she speaks for. Many tweeters labeled her comments ‘bigoted’ and “an embarrassment to Australia.”

“1930’s Germany just called. They want their policy back,” read one of thousands of anti-Family First messages.

Francis then played the victim. “Strange that I can be called a bigot for standing up for vales that many people believe in yet others can deride my beliefs & that’s ok,” the confused candidate reacted.

“I’m not hurling abuse at homosexuals. I treat every person with personal respect. But we all have the right to stand firmly on principles.”

Erase and rewind… quick!

No doubt realising her homophobic slurs, which would not be tolerated in any other Australian political party except Family First, were causing a storm she is not equipped to deal with, Francis’s tweets have now been erased.

Also gone is a similar anti-gay-marriage rant from the same candidate on the Family First party’s official website, titled ‘Let’s end the gay marriage debate and protect children from abuse.’

The statement concluded: “The gay agenda is self-centred. Homosexuals who are pushing for this don’t care about children; they care about their selfish desire. Children in homosexual relationships are subject to emotional abuse and legitimizing gay marriage is like legalising child abuse.”

Australia’s general election is on Saturday August 21. Make your vote count.

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Also the Sydney Morning Herald published a similar article too:

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
August 9, 2010, 17:36

silly woman…….obviously doesn’t know the wonderful children that my gay and lesbian friends are parenting…….or has read any of the research.

Family first constantly shows they are not a serious political force in this country when they have people like this making such inappropriate and ignorant comments. They are an embarrassment even to many of the people who voted for them.

Should we try and dialogue with her.?

I am going to but the link to this thread on my facebook wall…..and encourage others to do the same.

August 9, 2010, 18:48

Best thing Ben is that their one and only senator Fielding will no longer be in Parliament after this election….He will not win most certainly. 0:)

Joined in 2010
August 9, 2010, 19:01

Twitter without research….

Well, that is one way to let Australia know that Family First policies may be based on ignorance.

I was brought up in a heterosexual marriage. I suffered sexual & emotional abuse!

Youth Coordinator
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August 10, 2010, 12:43

Yep she certainly is a silly woman! :p

AVB – You could try and dialogue with her but I doubt she’ll listen.

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
August 10, 2010, 23:03

seems like dialogue is useless

she talks over the top of you and interrupts……that is not a dialogue…..that is rude.

Joined in 2009
August 12, 2010, 22:06

We have a lesbian couple two doors away.Their kids are there a few days each week . They sure don’t look too abused to me.

Wendy Francis is a real embarrassment.

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