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January 24, 2012, 20:07

freedom2b’s forums are a safe space for LGBTI people from Christian backgrounds to discuss their journeys, related topics, and things of general interest. Just like at our chapter meetings, friends and supporters are also more than welcome to join in. We have these few simple tips for keeping our forum a nice place to be:

1) Tone. Keep it respectful – always. No verbal attacks or accusations.

2) Allow others a point of view and opinion… that's what makes this world a wonderful place. Remember that we are all at different places in our journeys. The ultimate place for us all is peace with God, ourselves and others.

3) This is a cruise-free zone, free of a sexual agenda. No flirting or coming on to other members of the group in your posts or private messages.

4) When using humour, consider making a little note afterwards or use an emoticon. Sometimes humour doesn't translate well on the web as we can't see your face of hear your tone of voice.

5) No offensive language, images, or embedded videos. Use common sense on this one.

6) Men and women use this forum so keep that in mind as well. Gentlemen remember that what you say amongst a group of guys might not be appropriate for a mixed audience.

7) Don't use the forum to push your own agenda or beliefs. There is quite a difference between sharing and proselytizing. We share here. No individual has all the right answers. They just think they do.

8) We all have our triggers that can be set off by what someone says. If a particular post upsets you and makes you angry. There are several things you can do. (a) Ignore it (b) not reply immediately, settle down, and then post intelligently and thoughtfully instead of emotionally. Do not attack the other person or (c) Do everything in (b) and message the person to make the discussion private instead of on the forum. Proverbs says. “A soft answer turns away wrath”

9) Enjoy your time with us and have fun…

Telling Your Story

We would love you to share your story with us! If you have read some others journeys in the ‘Telling Our Stories’ forum then you should have a good idea of how its done. Here are some tips for getting your story up there in the most accessible way possible.

1) In the Subject, use concise terms that will help others who might have similar experiences to you to find your story. Avoid vague titles like “My Story”. Some good examples are:

  • “Lesbian 34 not out – Questioning’

  • Michele – Transsexual Christian

  • “Bobby 45 – Once Pentecostal Now Spiritual”

  • Changed Straight Christian 38 – Changed my Beliefs not my Orientation

  • Christine 19 Bi? – Still Working it all Out

2) Aim to keep your story under 1000 words. If you’d like to add more, wait and add it in replies under the main post to keep things dynamic and readable!

3) Use headings and paragraphs to break large chunks of text up. People find it difficult to read a wall of text.

4) After submitting, subscribe to your post! Once you’ve created a thread, hit the “Subscribe” button to receive email updates whenever someone posts a reply.

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