Being Gay Being Christian ???

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April 3, 2015, 20:48

Hi people

My background is from the pentecostal / Catholic church. I decided to leave the Catholic church when I came out. Now I am happy in a lesbian relationship, but I don't know how well being gay and Christianity can gel together. I'm here with an open mind to ask how they can gel together, because its a tug of war with Christians who aren't gay, to accept gay people as Christian or part of a church.

For instance contact with Christian people that knew me as a practising Christian/ Catholic is extremely challenging. They have strong views on marriage that it must between a man and a woman becuase the bible tell them so. I struggle with the bible because it tell me such things as this and I dont believe it. Its not the only bible verse against gay people either, but other stuff in there. Personally I don't read it, but I feel so attacked by Christians these days when they quote the bible to me and referring to how im living my life as wrong. How do other people perceive the bible as a gay person?

Also the catholic church has strict views on marriage, IVF and abortion. I don't have the same views on these topics as i did a few years ago when i was a strong practising Catholic. I simply stated my opinions on facebook to a couple of old acquaintances on these views and they said I was stating things I didnt believe in, that im still discovering who I am, and im struggling with some past hurt. That really upset me as I know who I am, im a lesbian person who dosent share the same values as them anymore, and I believe in LGBTI rights on the issue. It just really cut me roar,when one of them was a genuine friend and now we cant stand each other as he is narrow minded and not seeing me for me.I was simply stating my opinion and they made such judgement and accusations towards me.

It makes me ill and i question if i still believe in God when all this is happening.How do you be gay and christian in todays world when there are so many attacks on us from Christians???

Thanks 🙂

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April 4, 2015, 10:05

I'm glad you came here.

There are many useful links under the support button.

A few recent books may be helpful 'God and the gay christian' by Matthew Vines. A more detailed book 'Bible Gender Sexuality' by James Brownson.

For your friends, if they are interested in ongoing relationship with you 'Love is an orientation' by Andrew Marin. There is also a blog of the same name.

Freedom2be also has monthly meetings, if you are in a capital city, where you can meet supportive christians.

Take care.

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April 4, 2015, 14:16

Thanks Cheval I will definately check out God and the gay christian book. I have been attending monthly meetings in melbourne 🙂

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