Brisbane - Seeking contact with other Ex-gay Ministry survivors

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July 5, 2013, 08:47

Hi all,

I posted on this in the general discussion forum, but thought it would be worth putting it here as well. I was at Brisbane Liberty/Exodus from 1994-9. I'm now agnostic and very comfortably identify as a gay man.

The recent tremors in the US Ex-gay world have stoked a desire in me to contact others who have had similar experiences here in Australia and especially in my own town. I find it is often difficult for people who've not had the Exgay experience to understand what it's like inside your head. I have met one other survivor through here, a great guy and new friend, but I am keen to meet more – and also recontact the people I met at the time. It's hard because I blocked things out for so many years, I can't even remember names.

Anyway – I shared my story a few years ago on here

I would welcome any contact.

I am planning to go to the social coffee after the Brisbane f2b meeting on Friday also.

Goodwill to all.


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