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October 26, 2009, 01:03

So anyway, the reason I’ve taken so long to post here is because of my main commitments to

I’ve been a member there via anonymous email, first back when I was still tremendously stressed out about being gay, and owe to them a lot of my current blessings in the Lord.

From there, I’ve gotten into contact with several strong gay Christians and get into extended networks and sites like ( and here as well (thanks Bec).


I’m curious as to how other people find themselves on the WWW. Do people here access other resources/forums as well as Free2Be? Do you find yourselves branching out onto multiple sites, or preferring to remain in one or two places?


By faults of circumstance I’ve found myself coordinating a little social for Sydney GCNers (we’re holding it on the 8th Nov in the Botanical Gardens) – and I was throwing around the idea of inviting people here as well. ‘Tis okay? Or some sort of co-operation later.

Joined in 2009
October 26, 2009, 15:33

I know when I first started questioning my own status a few years ago, the Internet was the most obvious first step – both because of the wealth of information it provided, and also because of it’s simple privacy/anonymity. was an obvious first result on Google, and I recall reading the A vs B debate, having a brief browse in the forums and the like. From there I ventured on to both personal blogs (there are a fair few out there) to see the human side of things, and also to sites which focused more on actual theological studies. Lots of them too. Some convincing, others not.

I never really hung around any particular sites though, or subscribed to any blogs. I suppose not wanting to leave any of them in my Internet history on my PC was a contributing factor there. These days however that’s less of an issue (obviously).

On a more personal level, I do have a lot of purely online friends from my decade or so of playing games and chatting on gaming-related forums. I actually came out to a few of them a good year or so before I told any people I knew IRL. I guess I could say that they were instrumental in getting me where I am today… but that’s probably another story for the stories forum =P

In the end though, I don’t really have a place online where I “hang out” anymore. As far as online contact goes I normally tend to keep it to more of a one-on-one level, such as MSN or Facebook, with this place being the only real exception.

Oh, and as for point (2), that sounds pretty cool. Real-life meet-ups with online friends are always intriguing, I wouldn’t mind tagging along.

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