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December 8, 2009, 22:47

For of those of you who do not know, Andrew Marin is one of the strongest allies the gay community has in the Christian church today. A straight man who found himself with gay friends, he decided to educate himself on gay issues by immersing himself in gay culture. He now lives with his wife in a gay neighborhood of Chicago and runs a ministry dedicated to promoting understanding between the gay and Christian communities. His book ‘Love is an Orientation’ has impacted thousands and has encouraged many in the Christian community to reconsider their views of their gay brothers and sisters. His work has tangible results and because of his unique platform, he has influenced ministers around the United States to be more inclusive. His non-profit organization, The Marin Foundation, has been around for a year. He has never asked for donations before, but now he is asking everyone who can to donate as it has reached the point where his ministry may no longer exist if the community does not step up and support this man. So please, if you are able, donate some money to support this great and promising work. We need men and women like Andrew Marin in this hour and we can not allow them to drop out because of financial lack. And regardless of whether you can give, pray and get the word out to anyone who will listen. We can not allow The Marin Foundation to slip into oblivion while there is yet something we can do for it!

There is a donate link on the right-hand sidebar of this site Please get the word out as much as you can. This is a man who has worked hard for us and he needs our help for this to continue. Thank you.

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