Failed CDP candidate Peter Madden

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March 27, 2011, 16:53

Failed CDP candidate Peter Madden received just 1.1% of the vote in Sydney.

Just let us leave him to drift into the sunset.

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March 27, 2011, 17:43

A whole percent?

Yikes, that’s actually a bit worrying.

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March 27, 2011, 20:00

Sadly, he was second-last. The Sex Party beat him !! I wonder what he thinks of that.

3rd last was the Sex Party on 531 votes or 1.6%

2nd last was Mr Madden on 343 or 1.1%

Last was the Fishing Party on 270 votes or 0.8%. (Sunday arvo figures, may change a wee bit.)

Madden had a few of those large pole posters (‘corflutes’) nailed up around parts of the city prior to the election.

I was a booth captain for the successful candidate, Clover Moore. There was absolutely no material or workers at our booth from Mr Madden or his (Fred Nile) Christian Democratic Party (CDP). The Sex Party had posters up and a worker there most of the day, and their candidate visited at one stage.

I’ve been thinking .. .. ..

The CDP stood candidates in many lower house electorates – even ‘though they have absolutely no chance of winning. I wonder if that is merely a ploy to help raise their profile so they can have some success in the upper house where Fred Nile sits (he’s halfway through an eight-year term) and where they look like having got up a second person in this election. I may be unduly cynical (comes with the political territory), but all this could suggest that a naive Peter Madden had been “used” by the CDP to raise their profile. All very sad.

(He has not replied to the letter I sent him a few weeks ago.)

Anthony Venn-Brown
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April 3, 2011, 00:23

i think you are right forestgrey.

did you see the video I created about this

just one of them actually

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