Federal Government is moving to stop gay couples from adopti

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August 2, 2007, 13:34

Overseas adoptions blocked for gay couples,23599,22176654-421,00.html#

By Jane Bunce

August 02, 2007 12:15pm

Article from: AAP

THE Federal Government is moving to stop gay couples from adopting children from overseas with legislation that would deny the children visas.

The Government will introduce a Bill into parliament in the spring session which begins next week under which overseas adoptions by same-sex couples will not be recognised in Australia.

If it becomes law, the child would not be granted a visa to enter Australia.

The Family Law (Same Sex Adoption) Bill is listed on the Prime Minister and Cabinet department’s website as legislation “proposed for introduction in the 2007 spring sittings”.

It will “amend the Family Law Act 1975 to indicate that adoptions by same sex couples of children from overseas under either bilateral or multilateral arrangements will not be recognised in Australia”.

The new law would override state and territory laws.

At present, overseas adoptions can occur between Australia and other countries that have ratified the Hague convention, or with which Australia has a bilateral agreement.

The move follows the landmark adoption of a boy by two men in Western Australia in June.

Under current laws, state and territory welfare authorities have responsibility for overseeing international adoptions, including negotiating agreements with other countries and assessing and approving prospective adoptive parents.

The adoption by two men of a stranger’s child is believed to be a first for Australia, and was hailed as “groundbreaking” by the WA government and gay rights groups.

WA moved in 2002 to allow same-sex couples to adopt, the ACT passed similar legislation in 2004, and Tasmanian law allows gay couples to adopt where one of the partners is a parent of the child.

Prime Minister John Howard has previously said he does not support gay couples adopting children.

“I don’t support gay adoption, no,” Mr Howard said in response to the ACT’s law change.

“I’m against gay adoption, just as I’m against gay marriage.

“I think there are certain benchmark institutions and arrangements in our society that you don’t muck around with.

“Children ideally should be brought up by a mother and a father who are married. That’s the ideal.”

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August 2, 2007, 17:10

hmmmmm!!!!!!! I doubt Howard will be re-elected anyhow. Amazing that the Govt. will never admit that even though they have this ideal of a Mother and Father it just doesnt happen in most cases anyhow. Many Kids with Mums and Dads just arent being cared for, at all.

Im sure many kids would just be happy to have any stability and affection since what they do have from Mum and Dad either doesnt exist or things are very abusive.

I personally believe its important to have a Father figure or Mother Figure in a childs life but that can be achieved other ways too and very effectively.

Too many people have their head in the clouds under the term “ideal”.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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August 2, 2007, 18:30

extract from Peter Stokes Salt Shakers newsletter someone sent me.

Some GOOD news – for a change!

According to today’s Sydney Daily Telegraph, the federal government are going to move to prevent homosexual ‘couples’ from adopting children from overseas. The article says they will move a bill during the next session of parliament which starts next week.

They are to be congratulated for taking such action, BUT it does not go far enough.

If they believe there are sufficient grounds to stop overseas adoption then they must also be encouraged to outlaw surrogacy arrangements – both international and within Australia, IVF, and local adoption as well.

All children deserve both a mother and a father –

ALL reliable evidence shows this is best for the child and we must put children first. Too many children are already disadvantaged through divorce allowing same-sex couples to produce or adopt children simply compounds the problem.

PLEASE write to your federal MP and all your Senators – tell them you support this ban on overseas adoption and ask them to go further.

Tell them that ANY endorsement of same-sex relationships WILL ultimately disadvantage children by encouraging them to think their relationships are ‘normal’.

Tell them that ANY move to support same-sex relationships will also undermine heterosexual ‘marriage’ by encouraging other forms of relationships.

It is vital they hear from YOU as the homosexual lobby will be out in force to campaign against this move.

All children deserve both a mother and a father –

What a hurtful thing to say to all the lovely children that have gay or lesbian parents. what a terrible message to send to children of sole parents. How cruel to say something like that to sole parents who are working hard to bring up their children and maybe have additional pressures.

I wonder if the Federal Government realises the kind of outrageous rhetoric that comes from inhumane decisions that make about our lives, our families and our love.

If i wasn’t so hurt i’d be really really angry and want to hit someone.

I have friends in same sex relationships with beautiful children and a loving environment.

a loving supportive environment is what children need……and we are jsut as capable of giving that as any other human being.

Good bye Johnny

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August 2, 2007, 19:56

I completely agree…..I know heaps of kids from same sex couples and they are very happy kids. For Kids who havent a Mother or a Father they have plenty of other males or females around to compensate as that, my Sister and Brothers grew up that way, no Dad but another male who was around significantly who had a lot of positive input in their lives. The fact that they are making the statement they are is just unbelievable. I know a male from F2b who has been told how much of a positive male figure he is in someones childs life. I dont get these fundamentalists I really dont.

(I hope I havent come across all wrong….I fully support same sex adoption and parenting D )

Anthony Venn-Brown
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August 2, 2007, 21:47

I think most people who make statements like the ones we have mentioned about gay parents you can actully almost guarentee that they dont know any. if they did they would have a different opinion.

all the do is read some research. the research that agrees with thier worldview they quote. the research that doesn’t they dismiss.

could you tell this triggered my buttons.

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August 2, 2007, 23:06

i deal with this kind of rhetoric on a regular basis from all facets of my life. My family and friends who feel the need to tell me that im abusing my kids and ruining their futures. That my kids will end up gay and will always hate us because they dont have a dad… This kind of rhetoric has no factual evidence behind it. NONE!

WHAT RUBBISH!!!! My kids are normal happy kids. Our baby is only little 14 months, but she is happy well adjusted and way ahead for her age. Our boy who is 10.5 is the smartest in his class, he is aware of my parents feelings about our parenting and relationship, but sees it as their unlearned understanding and pities them, not himself, He is a good sportsmen going to the zone for every event in his age group, he plays drums at church once a fortnight (and he is good), he is very creative, He is in the Australian youth choir and he loves to be cheeky… how is this maladjusted???? He asks occasionlly about the sperm that created him. He was created through rape, but loved unconditionally since the day he was born, and he knows that and its a non event… why because he is well adjusted and knows he is loved as he is, forever… Our daughter will ask one day and we will be happy to tell her, that we love her and all you need is love… That she has a sperm donor and thats it…

why is it so hard for people… I LOATHE John Howards values…

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August 2, 2007, 23:09

Did it trigger your buttons??? …..No never noticed wink

Something occured to me when I was having a shower tonight, a person can have an opinion and quote that opinion and yet not be judgemental of those with a differing opinion to theirs but then you get those who hold opinions, quote those opinions and judge those who dont hold those opinions and then start to draw others in to support that opinion at the expense of others around them. roll Dunno if it makes sense but just something I realised. 8)

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August 2, 2007, 23:13

Far out Frogger, your kids are gorgeous!!!!! As Anthony said, most people who think same sex couples cant raise healthy, well adjusted kids, dont know any gay couples with kids and sad thing is, they dont want to……To me their attitudes stink and their crime is chosen ignorance.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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August 2, 2007, 23:47


for Frogger and her partner……….and the kids.

God bless them all

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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August 3, 2007, 07:50

sorry about my outburst… but you hear it hey! He is such a two bit judgemental nitwit. Imagine if for once in his life John Howard actually thought and grew…. instead of staying the child he was taight to be, too afraid to grow or expand himself or worse… be rejected because he had different values from his family…

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