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Joined in 2009
September 27, 2017, 21:11

For over a decade now, freedom2b's forums have served as an amazing place of connection and community for LGBTI people from Christian backgrounds. Given the evolving landscape of the web however, needs are changing and this means the forum has taken a back seat to dedicated social media sites. As such, freedom2b's focus has mostly switched to our Facebook and Twitter pages. All future posts will be made only on these platforms.

Having said that, these forums have been – and still are – serving as a valuable resource to those searching the internet. Every day new visitors are still out there searching for information on issues which are familiar to many of us, and are discovering the stories of those who have posted here. As such these forums will remain online, but in read-only format. This removes the regular maintenance requirements of the system while allowing it to continue as a resource for those who may need it.

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