From New Zealand - Same Sex Marriage Vote

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August 5, 2012, 15:19

So New Zealand's time is fast approaching to legalise same sex marriage. Just received this today. My vote was a no-brainer 😉 and yeah my writing is messy ha ha.

Let us hope it passes whenever the draft is!

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August 5, 2012, 23:13

Here in Oz, we've had some politicians do similar surveys of their constituents. Whilst Labor, Greens and some minor parties allow their politicians to have a 'conscience vote' (i.e., their own choice) on the issue, our Liberal/National Parties (conservative coalition) insist that all their politicians follow the 'party line' – which is to vote NO. This is despite some of them having acknowledged that they are pro-S-S marriage. Some have even resorted to their surveys by saying effectively that "whilst I agree, I must accept the view of my constituents". Of course, such surveys have suspect credance as can easily be rigged and/or corrupted. Maybe NZ will lead the way 'down under'.

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August 6, 2012, 05:53

Maybe NZ will lead the way 'down under'.

I hope so!

Like you say though, this particular vote may not even amount to anything as it comes down to the party vote in the end. Though I hope what I said in my comment may be used as a strong message for the 'Yes' vote if it does go through! That Graeme Taylor kid is truly inspirational. I could imagine him being the next U.S. president with his speech. For him to say something so powerful without a script, just… wow.

Here's the speech he made if anyone's interested by the way:

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