Gay Pastor Called

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June 29, 2014, 14:13

Morialta Uniting Church in Adelaide was looking for a new pastor. Ahead of several other applicants, they called Rev Steve Thompson who is gay and living with his partner Lachlan. The vote to ask him to be their pastor was 95% in favour. One member even said, "We don't really care about the colour of his eyes".

He and Lachlan have now moved into the manse, and Steve has commenced his ministry there.

This has been a great encouragement to many and I hope it is to you too.

In Him


Chapter Leader
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June 29, 2014, 20:46

Nice, positive story, Ron.

Joined in 2009
July 25, 2014, 15:08

Great news of encouragement! I wander what colour eyes the new pastor has?

Joined in 2010
July 28, 2014, 12:51

I'm very glad to hear that David.

Ann Maree
Joined in 2008
July 28, 2014, 15:07

Thanks for sharing this, David. Very positive indeed.

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