Gay Teachers - trouble at work

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November 13, 2007, 22:45

Yeah it’s pretty tough Anthony, I’m still processing it and re-reading. Its just so disappointing when people in high positions in the church have to stretch the truth to protect themselves. I don’t know how anyone can do this in good conscience, especiallly when others reputaions and professional lives are in question. They say I never formally applied, but they actually told me I wouldn’t need to. We’ll have to see where this rabbit trail leads.

Its ironic though that after all the great results I achieved in my first year out of college at that school, I am given the boot, and the one of the teachers they employed in my subject area the following year has done a less than satisfactory job, and had her contract renewed for next year. (I have my ear to the ground, a lot of silent support I think) This particular teacher even took a Monday off and openly stated to the Head of School in front of others that she just had a “Big Weekend”. i don’t think I actually know anyone who would have the guts to do that???? What the???

Its interesting anyway.

I’m hoping that some how some evidence will appear that makes them admit they sacked me for being gay, at the moment their hiding behind the denominational thing.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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November 13, 2007, 22:59

Lawyer? Solicitor? Barrister?…..sorry i’m not that well informed with legal things……..are they gay?

You know the story of Rosa Parks……she is my hero.

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November 14, 2007, 20:32

Yes I am aware of Rosa Parks, what a woman!

My Barrister is not gay, he’s just a person who wants to see justice done. Which is a very noble thing I reckon.

PS I met Roxy today which was great, we had a good ol’ chat. She actaully recomended your book to me Anthony, which I thought was cool, and I encouraged her to keep recomending it because everyone should read it.

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November 14, 2007, 20:37

Ps both Solicitors and Barristers are Lawyers.

A Solicitor draws up wills and stuff, a Barrister acts as an advocate. A Lawyer is a general term for someone who practises law of any form. So I believe, you’d have to clarify that with someone in the feild.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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November 14, 2007, 20:59

Roxy from the central coast

thanks for the legal clarification

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January 13, 2008, 02:10

My advise Phil would be to document things into Diary… its legal document and can be used in court… list things you have heard or information you have received… it’s just a thought of mine. 8)

I work as a TAFE teacher part-time one night a week and it doesn’t take long for people to work out that I’m Gay. I think its more about the performance that they should be focusing on and doing. Stick to the performance criterias and watch the movie “Philadelphia” I can post it out to you to watch. 😉 Stand by your integrity and honesty and remember your words are sword of truth. 🙂 Be passionate about what you do as a teacher and what you have achieved. They need to understand that its not your orientation that’s a problem… its their attitude which will affect other students who will turn around and bite their arse in court of law in the future. 😯

Then God in Heaven will scare the living lights out of them for being blatant liers. People just don’t realise that there are consequences that are far worse and can suck dry the richness of life.

Hmmmm hang in there bro! I do from time to time pray strongly when there is a need for it, I remember one of our close friend was in fellowship and was incredibly upset because her husband choose to leave her for another woman… and filed for divorce and is with this other woman and said some rather cutting statements… my friend was so heart broken… we decided to pray… I was so upset for her…. anyway… I remember waiting for my turn to say something and I felt the energy rise in the room… I remember asking for God’s comfort and reassurance and moving onto really urging statements and invoking the wrath of God addressing the injustice of the situation I said send a lighting and strike him and we saw flash of lightening and then a loud crack… everyone in the room jumped. There was fire dancing in my eyes… did I say sorry, oh hell no mate 👿 … I felt so excilerated 😀 . Hmmmm what are their names? giggles. I think people forget that as Christians we are people of Power (extraordinarily supernatural).


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January 21, 2008, 16:00

Infact that is such great advice taht I think that all teachers should read it!!!!!


It has saved my arse. The school in question for me has lied so terribly on paper in their response that the paper trail I have collected is my saving grace.

I will let you know when it is all over how it went.

But write it down, dates, times, what was said, who was there. etc.

You never know when you will need it.

Liberation Rob
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January 21, 2008, 17:17

I use to be involved in union advocacy and was under the impression the situation hasn’t changed that dramatically – that being ‘church’ based institutions no matter what the enterprise is concerned with (ie education, health care) fell under the general exemption of the anti-discrimination legislation for religious-based bodies…

although there has been progress elsewhere (US and Europe) based on monies (public) recieved to fund these enterprises they then fell under secular anti-discrim. leg. – however that case law hasn’t been able to make the jump to oz’s legislative case history (precedent based law)

Rodney Crome’s from Tazzie has been on this for years

try gettin in touch with the independent teacher’s union on this matter – I remember they were fighting this same issue for another person about a year ago…

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February 16, 2008, 09:12

Thanks Rob,

yeah I went to them first and they were hopeless. Didn’t really have time to listen. you are right the Anti-discrim guys have their hands tied, but the human rights and equal op com are looking into it now. It’s the furthest I’ve gotten.

It’s been going on for over a year and I’m not sure which way the outcome will go.

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