Hmmmm a familiar spirit?

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September 3, 2009, 00:39

Hi all and I’ve missed you. I’m back from the land of the lost (well actually its just been 7mths of a new relationship that is going wonderful so the net took a back seat) Now that I have some time let me tell you about and get your feedback on what my ex wife said to me yesterday……

Of course my ex wife is a God fearing Christian and definitely against my coming out. We have been conversing quite well until yesterday. We don’t speak often but when we do its usually nice and short. In our conversation we were discussing worship leaders we had known in the crux of our ministry together and I happened to mention that I was singing again in church and that I had in fact played the piano and sang a song that I had previously wrote and recorded during our ministry. She asked, “What kind of church is it?”. I responded, A Christian church.”. She asked, “What do they believe?”. I responded, “We are a Church that believes that you can worship God no matter what your sexual orientation, skin color, or gender….THEN SHE WENT OFF ON ME.


quite frankly, i was tired of the spiritual rhetoric but just simply told her that I called her to discuss something entirely different and that she may not agree but It blessed people in the congregation and I know it was the same Spirit of God and annointing that was on me when I used to sing and play.

So comments and opinions are appreciated in this matter…I refuse to be crushed by words from someone who puts God in a box!!!

Thanks good to be back…

Love in Christ,

Jay 😀

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September 3, 2009, 07:50

In my experience there are a few things to look for when discussing such things as being rebuked and a spirit deemed familiar or non God.

The fruit of the spirit must be clearly evident in the rebuker. (In this case, as I read it here, self-control for one was not exercised nor love)

A rebuke is always done with love as its backbone, for correction etc. Secondly a person hurt in a situation, (so close to the person they are hurting about/over) would themselves be clouded so ……although not impossible it is difficult to see that she would be the vessel used to bring you into correction (but not impossible)

(I am not meaning to sound as if I am having a go at your exwife, I myself have been in that scenario – in a somewhat similar situation to your wife’s position)

The bottom line is …. with any rebuke and with declarations of familiar spirits and the like … the fruit of the spirit must be clearly evident for starters.

Personally I never listen to anyone too close to a situation, and they must exercise the fruit in their life alot (no one is perfect)

I have seen many people “prophecy” out of anger, hurt, and ignorance of the situations. They sometimes mistake their own feelings welling up inside as to be the Spirit of God manifesting in them. Kind leadership and or people around them can put out the fire (with love and understanding) before it does any damage.

In this case misunderstanding is the only problem. In the bible there were many a eunuch that would have and did worship God. Not all of them castrated. I wonder ………..

Anyone is allowed to worship God. God is a big boy (if He has a gender) I am sure He can deal with lots of different people worshipping Him. He looks at the heart, nothing else.

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September 3, 2009, 09:29

Really a debate about the furit of the spirit has little to do with worship and a whole lot to do with where you’re worshiping and under what thological conclusions. You’re wife doesn’t agree with you coming out so I’ll take that to the next step and say she doesn’t agree with the theology of a progressive church. Therefore, all worship to God done is a progressive church isn’t ‘real worship’ because the theology under which one is worshiping is flawed. It adds insult to injury to have familiar worship that is probably quite close to her heart used and spoken of in such a positive way.

Really, these things generally come back to the same ol’ same ol’ theology debates. Once you reciognise this things tend to become a lot less emotive and a lot clearer.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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September 3, 2009, 13:27

personally I find there are some people its just best to leave in the ignorance. Its too big a jump for them to move from their narrow perception of God and who’s in a who’s out of the kingdom.

My role is to live MY life in a way that honours God….and leave the judgement of others up to God.

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