How to convince the church to not hate LGBT people? What is already happening in churches in Australia?

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August 10, 2011, 23:13

Hey all,

Just reading news articles and doing relationship research as part of my studies and thinking how we can do something to work out this issue of hate and injustice to LGBT people. Surely it’s got to happen somewhat from the inside of the church outward, from Christians and pastors who support the LGBT community.

What is already being done by Christians and churches in Australia?

I’m very interested! I hope it’s more than nothing, which is what seems to be apparently happening.

What are churches opinions on being LGBT?

My church, a baptist but charismatic, has floated past the gay agenda recently in a sermon, but it was spoken of in a positive way as that’s for another time.

I understand Pastors and churches may not be easily convinced it is 100% okay to be gay, but people need to hear it’s okay to be gay and be a part of the Christian community. It is such a public issue, for a private and very personal matter. Gets me every time how big this is, and how many friends I have that may be hurt, sad, lonely and hate themselves because of what the Church is telling them.

What can I, and other Christians who support the LGBT community do?

All I’ve come up with is spread the word to friends as I feel comfortable. I was disheartened the other night when someone in a friend group made comments about gay people that they were bad/gross etc. I hadn’t heard comments like that in awhile and they said it like it was normal and what everyone else thought. I basically just said positive things, and there was no argument because it wasn’t really the discussion. But it got me thinking, I certainly don’t want to and am not prepared for those arguments, and I’ve picked my friends with whom I’ve talked to about my opinion supporting LGBT very carefully so I actually haven’t had anyone argue with me, or have to explain it.

Maybe I should courage up and mention some more stuff? How do you talk to your friends and Church community about it?

I strongly believe we need to do something, even when maybe we aren’t finished the journey of where we are, there surely is a place for us to give and bring light for the LGBT community.

Thanks for reading.

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