Indiana passes religious freedom bill

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March 27, 2015, 14:47

Indiana has passed a religious freedom bill – modelled on the Religious Freedom Restoration act of 1993 by Bill Clinton (which a 1997 supreme court decision prevented from applying to federal matters) – that will free individuals and business owners from abiding by state and local laws that “substantially” burden their exercise of religion, unless the government can prove that it has a compelling interest and is doing so by the least restrictive means.

Its seen by many many however as a means to allow discrimination against the LGBTIQ community.

Salesforce (A large USA tech company) has already reacted by boycotting Indiana.

Gen Con (the largest gamers conference in the world) has said that when their contract with Indiana runs out in 2020 – they will look at alternatives as well.

There has been an uproar about it generally with a number of Indiana businesses displaying "THIS BUSINESS SERVERS EVERYONE" sticker to show opposition to the law.

George Takei ( ex star trek and now rights activist ) also has chimed in on this

I wondered what people think ? Is boycotting the christian thing to do ? Should we we turn the other cheek – or should we think about the lives that laws like this could potentially destroy ?

IS this this a one off or a beginning of a full fight back against the rollout of gay rights ( and marriage) that has been sweeping the USA.

Any thoughts ?

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