is it just me????

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March 15, 2011, 18:54

In the interests of keeping the peace, I’m going to lock this thread (at least temporarily) to avoid things getting even more heated. I think it would be irresponsible not to. In doing so though, I would like people to have a think about the following things, as I am currently doing.

  • There is an inextricable link between Christianity and freedom 2 b[e]. This Jesus fellow is the reason why the group was founded in the first place, regardless of the polarizing views you may have of him (if you think he even existed, that is).

  • Freedom 2 b[e] is not a religious organization, but how much trouble should we be going to, to ensure that outsiders can quickly ascertain that fact? We don’t wish to turn away people who find religion is not for them, but at the same time we still need to reach people who are religious as well. Appearances are important but what if they come at the expense of some of our existing members feelings? Does our need to reach out to people transcend these issues altogether? Remember, our outreach saves lives.

  • We have members who are both dedicated to their faith and others who can’t think of anything worse, plus many people in between. Everyone is valued regardless of their position. When we do things as a group, we need to be mindful that we have people who are in such different places, and we need to try to fit their needs accordingly. That’s easy to say, but how does it work in practice?

  • If someone is offended by another’s expression, while another would be offended if not allowed to express it, what can be done? Is there room for compromise or is that a cop-out? Remembering that many members are from Pentecostal backgrounds where expression can be more emotional than in other denominations.

What I am impressed by is people’s passion for the subject. It’s clear that Freedom 2 b[e] is of enough importance for many people that they feel strongly enough to air their thoughts in the forum like this. However it needs to remain respectful, and I don’t think this thread is necessarily heading in that direction.

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