Jay Bakker speaking at CRAVE Conference in Sydney

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Youth Coordinator
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January 6, 2012, 17:27

Hey everyone,

My partner Sam and myself will be heading along to the CRAVE Conference on 27-28 January (Australia Day weekend).

Sam will be running an elective on the Holy Spirit (called Encounter) and I will be speaking very briefly on Friday night about freedom2b and the amazing work that is happening. In addition, Jay Bakker from Revolution Church in New York City will be speaking along with Karl Hand (Crave MCC), Ben Gilmour (Paddington Uniting)

So please come along and support us if you are interested. To register go to:

Details from the conference website:

Passion is…a new & exciting conference creating space for you to re-charge, get inspired and get out there to be a cutting edge voice in this world!

Whether your passion is music, emerging church creativity, social justice or hearing the guts of the gospel from such speakers as Jay Bakker then you need to be there!

If being church is more than just Sunday worship for you then register and connect with the

increasing amount of people just like YOU!!

Join us for Australia Day weekend @ Star of the Sea Theatre in beautiful Manly!

Main sessions will include the CRAVE praise & worship band, guest artists and a powerful message from Jay Bakker!

Video of Jay:

Conference Promo Video:

Ann Maree
Joined in 2008
January 9, 2012, 12:20

Hi Ben

This sounds excellent and I'd be very interested to know about Jay Bakker, given he's the son of well known TV evangelists, Tammy Bakker and her husband from way back when! (Oh dear. Now I'm showing my age). 🙂

Tammy was always characterised by her heavy eye lashes..

Good on you and Sam too for your input at the conference.It will be great to hear how it all goes. 🙂


Ann Maree

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