John, 39, not-yet-out there Gay adult, AOG-convert, BRISBANE

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March 9, 2009, 16:31

its rather weird as I thought for so many years that accepting my homosexuality would mean I’d become really promiscuous and debauched……but actually the opposite happened. Today I have a strong sense of morality and generally live by that. I feel that for the first time in my life…..I have integrity.

Why didn’t someone tell me that when I was a teenager.

Hear hear! I couldn’t agree more. I think I was much worse in a moral sense, back when I was denying and fighting against my orientation than I am now that I have come home to myself and learned to love and accept me as I am.

Such a pity that we didn’t know this years ago, but at least now, those who are following behind have more of a chance to hear that positive message, thanks to places like Freedom2B(e).

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
March 9, 2009, 21:03

I’ve often wondered about what makes that happen mazdragon….and asked my therapists if they can give any insight into this.

it seem the old adage…..what we resist….. persists

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March 10, 2009, 12:33

I’ve been doing some thinking about what you’ve been saying and I’ve realised that quite a lot of the depression I’ve experienced has been because of un-requited love, which isn’t necessarily a homosexual problem.

I inevitably fall in love with someone who isn’t gay (or even more common or prevalent – who isn’t out), and the love cannot be reciprocated.

This has created great torment for me, as I do not get a high from gay bars or discos (I don’t drink or smoke) – one of the major places where gay people meet each other.

So I have to play the ‘guessing’ game in my straight-oriented world ‘Is he gay?’ – the one question of course I can’t ask for fear of literally being shot down and losing the friendship as well.

So does it become a lonely torture cabinet (or closet)? I’ve started looking at personals on line, I don’t really get any satisfaction from that either.

Church is my main community, and I still believe (am I correct???) that the Gay Christian life is a celibate calling, in every sense of the word.

Sometimes when I get stressed though, I feel the sexual tension building, and I give in to wanking (and this may be accompanied by gay porn), but in a strange way I also feel that this is asserting my gay identity. I don’t necessarily feel bad about it.

Certainly sleeping over at someone’s place would be a different level of engagement, something I wouldn’t do lightly.

And this has been the one big change in my life since my ‘exorcism’ (some work, some don’t) – I’m not addicted to sexual contact, and I don’t cruise looking for sex, with the same manic desperation that I used to.

That’s all gone from my system.

Today it’s all under control.

The exorcism didn’t change my orientation, and I certainly did not all of a sudden started wanting the opposite sex, but it did take the desperation out of my system.

I was now equilibrated, without the see-saw highs and lows of one addicted to sex, with all it’s manic-like behaviour.

I am now seeing counselling for male sexual abuse as a teenager, a different matter entirely. And whilst I feel I am OK about this chapter in my life now, I feel as if it is still something that has to be pursued.

This is a very malleable time for the formation of one’s sexual identity, and is probably why I have such an ambivalent view towards wanking.

The exorcism got rid of a lot of the confusion and upset surrounding that, but strangely enough I never had the chance to seek counselling for this matter in particular (or any gay-identity issues either), so this is something that, in both sense, I am happy to seek to do.

I shall continue to worship at my Church, seek counselling, and attend this forum, to see what direction the Holy Spirit takes me.

I ask you and thank you for your prayers, knowing that ‘all is possible through Jesus Christ’.


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March 10, 2009, 20:50

Church is my main community, and I still believe (am I correct???) that the Gay Christian life is a celibate calling, in every sense of the word.

I think whatever works for you in a positive and healthy manner. If you are in a committed relationship with someone of the same gender, then naturally, intimacy on some level might be part of that relationship.

I like the concept of “emotional intimacy”, where both partners actively work to sustain and build a loving relationship on all levels, including sexual, social, professional and even financial.

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March 10, 2009, 22:21

Church is my main community, and I still believe (am I correct???) that the Gay Christian life is a celibate calling, in every sense of the word.

It doesn’t have to be. I, for one, have met (well, online. 😛 ) many wonderful, brilliant celibate gay Christians who I have nothing but respect for. I think they are nothing but a blessing to the church. I think there is nothing wrong with celibacy. In fact, celibacy is praised as being a spiritual gift in the Bible. But I do not believe that being gay means you have to be celibate. I would encourage you to further study it out on your own to find answers, but I do not at all believe that God would make 5-10% of the population gay or bi and then demand they all have to be celibate. That doesn’t click in my brain. Plus, I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with gay relationships in the first place. If they are wholeheartedly committed to each other (and by that, I mean married), then I don’t see why God would have a problem with two men or two women consummating their relationship physically. They meet all the other requirements that a straight couple would have to meet to have sex, so why are we saying they can’t simply because they are gay? That’s what I think anyway, but other Christians will disagree, so I encourage you to have your own journey when it comes to this.

I think that our stories have many similarities. The biggest differences I can think of are that I was never old enough to do all the things you did, so I was insulated from a lot of that and that I was never sexually abused. But I still see the commonalities there that, I guess, are in every gay Christian coming out story. And, I never thought about it this way before, perhaps that means that the gay Christian church could unite in a way that no other Christian group could… interesting….

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