John Paulk Recants

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May 4, 2013, 08:54

Thought people MAY be interested in a few tidbits of news

John Paulk, who for years was known as the poster boy for the Christian “ex-gay” movement, has formally renounced his past and says he is “truly, truly sorry for the pain I have caused” in preaching that gays and lesbians could become straight through prayer and counseling.

“Please allow me to be clear: I do not believe that reparative therapy changes sexual orientation; in fact, it does great harm to many people,” Paulk said in a lengthy apology distributed to various gay publications.

He is also divorcing his wife.

Now whilst hes not gone quite so far – Matt Moore has been caught on Grindr


and many will remember John Paulk went through the same stages……

I suspect the PRESSURE of being a spokesperson for the Ex-gay movement – holds these guys in an untenable situation far longer than they would other wise be – – being unable to move on because of all the expectations and because then they will be seen to have been wrong ! What do others think ???

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