Looking for my sister

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August 14, 2016, 14:54

Hello, I am looking for my sister who has had a gender re assignment and was formerly a male. She goes under the name of Susan Richardson. Was last living in Croyodon Victoria also had lived in Moorabbin. And was going out with someone who owned a shopfitting company. Her former male name was Lancelot Murray Surname i will leave out as it isn't very common. His middle name was Murray and he would use his middle name for his christian name as he didn't like Lancelot cant say i blame him either. Our Mums Surname is Brown from her second marriage I don't know if Susan or Richardson is the correct spelling. Please note my middle name is Gene from my grandfather who died before i was born and i am male. Lancelot name came from his father and Murray would call him Lance and not dad.

If anyone knows her please show her this posting. If she is my sister she can contact me as i am in the phone book and only would she know my first and last name and how to find me in the phone book. Anyone who is involved in the LGBT community please spread the word around.

The Salvation Army did a search but were unsuccessful. If anyone has any other ideas on how i may find her please let me know.

Also someone maybe able to help me out with this. My Mum who caused the problem in the first placed is concern if her daughter has died she wouldn't know about it. As far as i know the Police go to great lengths into finding relatives. And from my understanding because of the gender re assignment and name change there would be a paper trail leading the Police to the original surname. Am i correct in saying that there is some sort of paper trail. If there isn't how does the Police work out what family she came from.

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August 24, 2016, 18:31

You could also try Matt Glover, who may have contacts:

I assume you are trying trans and other LGBT groups in Melbourne?

I suggest you contact the police directly for answers to your answers about their procedures.


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