Love @ Christmas From Jonny Lee Carey

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December 27, 2009, 17:30

When I was a kid, we had a visiting theological professor (davidt would probably know his name) back home for lunch after he had preached at our church.

In the course of conversation with my parents over some issue, he reminded them of an axiom. It lodged in my childhood brain and has never left. Down the years, I have found it to be just so true.

“those who claim the most truth, show the least grace”.

Of course, we need to be careful that we don’t fall into the same trap.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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December 28, 2009, 11:12

thats a great saying forestgrey….I’ve never heard that before.

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December 28, 2009, 21:04

I’m in the unique position to comment on Johnny Lee. I have spent 1 on 1 time with him. The problem he has is he is a follower not a leader. just like his days of the KKK. if you have heard his testimony you will know that he says he was only a spokesperson for the KKK being told what to say.

He certainly doesnt stay true to “laws” of the bible that he apparently strongly upholds himself.

“What Johnny Lee Keeps Quiet”

On one of his trips to Australia he met a wonderful woman. they fell hopelessly in love and they got married. He took her back to America to meet his other life back home. It was at this point that she realised that what he shared from the stage was an inflated truth of what his life is actually like. Shortly after being in the USA and learning about Johnny’s true life she returned to Australia without Johnny. She came to the realisation thay she had married a man that he didn’t even know. She talked all this over with her husband and they couldnt come to any solution. They decided to file for a divorce.

So this puts the question out there. how can he be so hard about the bible and homosexuals, as well as the traditional view of marriage, and yet flaunt the scriptures in his own life. shouldnt he remove the plank from his own eye first?

You would be very hard pressed to find any information out there about this Australian fling Johnny had. But if you asked him about it he would have to tell you staight out or just refuse to answer you.

no where on his site does he mention that he was married and then split up since he became a christian. he does mention divorcing before he became a christian, but certainly nothing after that. i’m not about ripping a guy down but I hate it when people become hypocritical!!!

If you want to PM me to get further info to confirm my story I’m happy to assist. just not willing to post it here in the pubic arena.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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December 28, 2009, 21:47

if what you allege is true hereiam ( i have no reason to doubt it, just aware of the way to state things legally so one is not sued)……then this situation once again demonstrates what has been proven by research then anyone who obsessively opposes gay and lesbian people …….actually is doing it from some dysfunctional basis. An unhealthy need. A psychological disorder even. the person is not aware of.

thanks for the info.

how many marriages is he up to.

One wonders what certain anti-gay activists in Australa have hiding in the closet…… thing I’m pretty sure of and talk about in my book……in the end it all comes out. People who think they have successfully hidden something….forget that someone else knows their secret……..and that person at some point may need to free themselves from the guilt and shame and the only way they can do it is to confess to another… three people know…..and it goes from there..

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December 30, 2009, 21:07

Sniffing around this guy’s website will either make you laugh . . . or cry. Maybe both!

He admits he’s had to rethink his attitude to gays. Very strongly takes the “hate the sin, but LOVE the sinner” line and encourages his flock to be welcoming – but so they can then hit us with their version of the ‘good news’.

But, he does speak out against the Wesborough Baptist mob and says . . .

“Although I do not agree with homosexuality at all, and I know the Bible says it is wrong, God still loves the homosexual and lesbian and wants to change them. I am sure God is sickened by the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church and the demented Phelps Family who picket homosexuals all over the USA. Phelps and his psycho family are not Christians anymore then the KKK are. Just because they say they are, does not mean they are, The Bible says “By their fruits ye shall know them.” I know them as a public disgrace and I would much rather sit at the table and break bread with homosexuals and lesbians, even though I disagree with their lifestyle, than hate mongers like the Phelps family. By putting those little children on the picket lines, the Phelps bunch as put those kids in harms way, not to mention teaching them hate which is a form of molestation. I hope that someone can use what they are doing to remove the children from their home and church. ”

So, I guess we can find a silver lining amongst the black cloud of his general stance.

By the way, he is in Sydney late February, and then in Queensland in March – mainly at CCC churches (the same grouping with which Rob Buckingham and Bayside are affiliated).

I didn’t see it, but Andrew Denton had him on ‘Enough Rope’ back in 2005 (re his KKK past).

Anthony Venn-Brown
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December 30, 2009, 23:12

can you believe Andrew Denton had Johnny Lee….and not me….hehe 😀 😉

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