Love @ Christmas From Jonny Lee Carey

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Joined in 2009
December 22, 2009, 21:27

All I can say is this man sickens me. I have only ever heard hate filled things from him and now he attacks RoB Buckingham.

What you think?

Joined in 2009
December 22, 2009, 21:55

If it weren’t for the fact that it was almost 10 minutes long, I’d have mistaken it for a rather amusing parody.

But that’s… actually the guy? Wow.

Joined in 2009
December 23, 2009, 07:48

:santa: Ho HO Ho.

I Know who he Loves unconditionally. On that link go through to the link on Oral roberts. That is unbelievable for a man of God..

May God give all of us that unconditional love to love the misguided

God bless you all

Joined in 2006
December 23, 2009, 09:27

he is just another silly sausage …

I tell you what tho … hearing such messages makes me cringe on myself, (what have i preached in the past that was less than good, godly, right in spirit) i have repented for whatever i may have said, but wow, i cringe anyway … i do not want to be held doubly accountable for those things ‘taught’ that is not within the spirit … i breath a huge sigh of relief

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
December 23, 2009, 11:04

my favourite part was the John Wayne Western style music at the opening…..hehe.

Its a shame Johnny lee has figured out yet that he is doing the same thing today that he used to do with african americans when he was in the KKK. Everyone else sees how obvious it is…..but not Johnny. I put it down to deep american south cultural conditioning….not enlightened biblical understanding. 🙁

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December 23, 2009, 12:51

Probably against my better judgement, I have decided to take this guy on.

His exegesis is in error. When he quoted Lev 18:22 and 20:13, he has chosen to ignore all those NT passages that say the OT law no longer applies.

I have asked him to read Lev 19:37 and tell me in full detail how he obeys every OT law. Paul used the same argument in Gal 3:10 and 5:3.

Lev 19:17 says “Do not hate your brother in your heart.” I asked him to think of his gay brothers and sisters in Christ and tell me whether he puts a tick or a cross against that verse.

I also asked him to read Lev 20:9 (4 verses away) and tell me how many of his children he has killed lately when they throw and tantrum and curse him or his wife.

It will be interesting to read his reply, but it’s not going to spoil my Christmas.

Rob Buckingham is a very fine pastor. I have been most impressed after corresponding with him.

In Him


Anthony Venn-Brown
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December 23, 2009, 13:21

you might find more productive ways of using your time David……I doubt that he hasn’t heard all this before…. of the symptoms of phariseeism is restricted vision……can’t see grace….can only focus on the law.

The less time we give people like Johnny airplay the better……our attention gives them identity.

Joined in 2009
December 23, 2009, 13:48

Yeah least time the better. I like that he’s standing in front of an american flag with John wayne on it. Man he just needed a flaming torch and a sheet and he’d be back again.

I pray one day he see that he was wrong and the Gay community inviting in.

Love ya F2B people.

Joined in 2009
December 23, 2009, 16:53

:O I have just been reading on the net. where someone was discussing that Jesus did not mention Homosexuals in his mission on Earth

.This was contradicted by an evangelical minister who quoted Luke 17:34 where Jesus was was talking about his return and the Verse stated “on that night there would be two men in one bed…

He left it at that. He didnt quote on that one would be taken and the other left behind.

If this was a homosexual situation why wouldnt both be left behind or even better one was gay but loved his Lord.

Oh the ways that man uses the word of God for his own manipulation.God bless you all

Joined in 2009
December 25, 2009, 08:20

Your probably right Anthony.

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