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February 22, 2014, 17:53

Am I the only one who remember the Sochi Olympic games for the protest held by a small group of LGBTQI people against the Russian governments' negative attitude towards homosexuals. So a "q" has got into the picture.

How many other subgroups could there be? According to most authorities, sexual expression is a continuum between the extremes, so that there should be no subgroups at all. I was envious because , as I have mentioned in this forum before, my subgroup is Erectile Dysfunction, and men can suffer just as much discrimination as homosexuals have for centuries. In fact homosexuals, although I have found them full of empathy for their fellowmen, are just like everyone else when it comes to differences. It's like "birds of a feather stick together" or "you are one of the mob or you are dead'

There are many men in the news recently accused of terrible crimes, and I would assert that they could be helped if truthful discussion of their sexual health was possible. Instead you find problems are dismissed as depression or simply "we must not talk about that" Men need to have an honest appraisal of their sex life. Science has discovered the biochemicals (testosterone , dopamine, neurotransmitters etc) and the neurons involved in sex life in both the brain and genital areas at the base of the spine. Society has changed so much and is changing at a rapid rate, Psychologists just can't invent enough words to cover up the problems and religion is fossilised with words and doctrine. Men need help

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